PDI Results 2016

ClubIDClub NameScore
10Boscombe CC184
51Southampton CC180
13Chichester CC179
37New Forest CC178
67Yateley CC178
5Basingstoke CC177
16Farnborough CC173
11Bracknell C172
18Fordingbridge CC172
22Havant CC171
6Beaulieu CC170
32Lymington CC170
47Salisbury CC169
24Highcliffe & Infinity P167
56Steyning C167
23Hayling Island CC165
59Viewfinders of Romsey CC164
1Aldershot &Farnham CC162
40Ordnance Survey PC162
7Dorset Light160
8Bognor Regis CC159
41Overton CC159
12Burghfield CC158
25Hordean CC156
26Hungerford CC156
66Woolston CC152
2Alton CC146
38Niton & District CC145

Print Results 2016

ClubIDClub NameScore
13Chichester CC188
51Southampton CC184
37New Forest CC178
18Fordingbridge CC177
41Overton CC174
11Bracknell CC171
16Farnborough CC171
19Gosport CC171
24Highcliffe & Infinity PC170
47Salisbury CC169
22Havant CC168
59Viewfinders of Romsey CC166
5Basingstoke CC165
67Yateley CC163
7Dorset Light160
40Ordnance Survey PC160
2Alton CC158
12Burghfield CC157
1Aldershot &Farnham CC156
6Beaulieu CC156
25Hordean CC155
32Lymington CC153
23Hayling Island CC151
66Woolston CC151

“Congratulations “

Print & PDI Leagues 2015/16 season

Print Leagues
Division 1 Chichester C.C 55points Winning Club
Winchester PS 43points Runners Up

Division 2 Wokingham & East Berks 58points Winning Club
Basingstoke C.C 51 points Runners Up

Division 3 Horndean C.C 50points Winning Club
Gosport C.C 47points Runners Up

Division 4 Locksheath & Sarisbury C.C 42points Winning Club
Disabled Photographers Soc 41points Runners Up

Division 5 Blandford C.C 39points Winning Club
Bognor Regis C.C 37points Runners Up

PDI Leagues
Division 1 Southampton C.C 54Points Winning Club (C/B 15x10s)
New Forest C.C 54points Runners Up (C/B 12x10s)

Division 2 Fordingbridge C.C 47points Winning Club
Winchester PS 46Points Runners Up

Division 3 Overton P.C 46points Winning Club (C/B 12x10s)
Petersfield C.C 46points Runners Up (C/B 3 x10s)

Division 4 Wimborne C.C 49points Winning Club
Ringwood 47points Runners Up

Division 5 Wareham C.C 55points Winning Club
Lymington C.C 51points Runners Up

Division 6 The Practical C.C 38points Winning Club
Aldershot, Farnham & Fleet C.C 36points Runners Up

Division 7 Blandford C.C 39points Winning Club
Sandown Shanklin & District C.C 33points Runners Up


You can download the results as a word doc here: [icon type=”word” style=”custom”] League Results 2016

Two long serving members of Viewfinders of Romsey Camera Club were honoured at a recent meeting when Tony Oliver, President of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF), presented them with Roll of Honour certificates.
Jean Russell was a committee member for many years and a founder member of the small group of club members that take audio-visual shows to residential homes in Romsey on a weekly basis throughout the winter months. Jean is still part of this group, prepares the kitchen for refreshments at club nights each week and continues to do her part for the club, working quietly away in the background.
George Marsh has been a member of Viewfinders for many years, serving on the committee, running the club’s exhibition at Stockbridge, hosting the summer barbecue for the last 26 years, as well as helping various members with their photography. George has been at the core of the club, quietly helping and leading others to improve their photography. He is well thought of and respected by all members old and new.

Jean Russell and George Marsh receive their rolls of honour from Tony Oliver.

Jean Russell and George Marsh receive their rolls of honour from Tony Oliver.

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