At the bottom of each league table are the scoresheets. There is a small icon at the bottom of the PDF preview that allows a direct download.screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-15-41-30

There are 3 pages. 4 clubs per page and a final sign off sheet. Please ensure that all of the parts are returned after the competition. There are also zip files of all scoresheets on the digital assets section, which contain PDF and XLS versions of the scoresheets


Print Labels

In the print league sections,below the scoresheets are the print labels. Not having a template to work from this year, they will look different to usual. Please print them yourselves and put them on your prints prior to the first competition. I will suggest that the first hosting club prints out the entire set just in case. There are contact sheets for the print entries in the assets section for download. The template for the labels is J8165, and labels can be purchased via Amazon.


Digital Assets

This year the PDI league is downloadable from the digital assets section. Each league has its own zip file, which contains two folders, one of images sized 1400×1050 (sub-folders by club_id) and one of images sized 1048×768 (single folder of images). All images have been named such that projection software will work. clubs 1-9 have 09,08,07… format.


if there are any amendments required to any of the files these will be issued via the assets section, notifications will be sent to the competition secretaries and also posted on this website.