News of the SCPF Championships

A little overdue, but here are the club and individual scores from this year’s Championships competition.

Images from the Championships 2018 – courtesy of Steve Kirkby.

Just a gentle reminder that the championship upload window ends in a few days time. The uploader forms will no longer be available from the 1st March.

Please don’t forget to get your entries in before the deadline. Check your entries have all been accepted (correct size, names, titles etc) before 1st March. Simply re-upload any entries you wish to change/amend.

Any issues please email through to championships@ or webmaster@


Hi Club Competition Secretaries!

You should have had at least 1 email with your clubs keycode for the upcoming Championships.

During the mass email of all clubs, I unintentionally created a fall through error in a scripting loop which has resulted in the email containing your keycodes to be sent several times. Many times in some case!
Please accept my apologies for this; it won’t happen again!

If you have not received your clubs keycode, please get in touch with either myself (webmaster@) or the championship team (Championship@) via email or the support page.

Further information about the Championships can be found in the Championship Section of the website.



Results are available from the Championships main page.

There is also available a small selection of shots from Steve Kirkby.

PDI Results 2016

ClubIDClub NameScore
10Boscombe CC184
51Southampton CC180
13Chichester CC179
37New Forest CC178
67Yateley CC178
5Basingstoke CC177
16Farnborough CC173
11Bracknell C172
18Fordingbridge CC172
22Havant CC171
6Beaulieu CC170
32Lymington CC170
47Salisbury CC169
24Highcliffe & Infinity P167
56Steyning C167
23Hayling Island CC165
59Viewfinders of Romsey CC164
1Aldershot &Farnham CC162
40Ordnance Survey PC162
7Dorset Light160
8Bognor Regis CC159
41Overton CC159
12Burghfield CC158
25Hordean CC156
26Hungerford CC156
66Woolston CC152
2Alton CC146
38Niton & District CC145

Print Results 2016

ClubIDClub NameScore
13Chichester CC188
51Southampton CC184
37New Forest CC178
18Fordingbridge CC177
41Overton CC174
11Bracknell CC171
16Farnborough CC171
19Gosport CC171
24Highcliffe & Infinity PC170
47Salisbury CC169
22Havant CC168
59Viewfinders of Romsey CC166
5Basingstoke CC165
67Yateley CC163
7Dorset Light160
40Ordnance Survey PC160
2Alton CC158
12Burghfield CC157
1Aldershot &Farnham CC156
6Beaulieu CC156
25Hordean CC155
32Lymington CC153
23Hayling Island CC151
66Woolston CC151

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Thanks to Steve Kirkby for the images.

Overall Results

[one_half]Winning Club (Prints) Club :-Chichester C.C (13)188
Second Club   (Prints) Club :-Southampton C.C (51)184
Third Club      (Prints) Club :-New Forest C.C (37)178  [/one_half]
[one_half_last]Winning Club (PDIs) Club :-Boscombe C.C (10)184
Second Club   (PDIs) Club :-Southampton C.C (51)180
Third Club      (PDIs) Club :-Chichester C.C (13)179[/one_half_last]

Awards and Medals

NameClubImageImage NoAward
Maureen Toft MPAGB,MPSA,EFIAP/pOrdnence Survey P.SJump4010Judges Medal (Prints) Gold
John BartonSalisbury C.CChoirstalls Salisbury Cathedral4704Judges Medal (Prints) Silver
Steve Reynolds FIPF, EFIAPb, ARPS, PPSABracknell C.CPride and Distain1113Judges Medal (Prints) Bronze
Brian WadieBoscombe C.CThe New Baby1003Judges Medal (PDIs) Gold
Max LawHavant C.CMale Adonis Blue2215Judges Medal (PDIs) Silver
Maria Leekblade LRPS CPAGBLymington C.CNo Sleep Tonight3211Judges Medal (PDIs) Bronze
Marcin CiesielskiSouthampton C.CSpider Queen5113Individual (Prints) Gold
Anne Eckersley LRPS, DPAGB, BPE3*Bracknell C.CBefore the Harvest1103Individual (Prints) Silver
Ross LaneyChichester C.CThe Midas Touch1302Individual (Prints) Bronze
Pete WhieldonSouthampton C.CDive to Survive5101Individual (PDIs) Gold
Shaun ReasonFordingbridge C.CScrew Manhatton1811Individual (PDIs) Silver
Reg ClarkBoscombe C.CGone with the Wind1006Individual (PDIs) Bronze
Mick ParmenterNew Forest C.CRed Deer3710Highly Commended (Prints)
Ross LaneyChichester C.CFirst Light Isle of Skye1312Highly Commended (Prints)
Keith SwyerChichester C.CJames1315Highly Commended (Prints)
Pete WhieldonSouthampton C.CCaught5106Highly Commended (Prints)
Colin FieldgateYateley C.CMedow Pipit with Catch6715Highly Commended (PDIs)
Hilary FlaxmanBeauliue C.GFalcon with Prey612Highly Commended (PDIs)
Rick RobertsYateley C.CFlying High6704Highly Commended (PDIs)

Please find the application / entry forms for this seasons Championships. For further details and the rules etc, please see the Championships page/section.

[icon type=”pdf1″ style=”custom”]Entry Form (Prints)

[icon type=”pdf1″ style=”custom”]Entry Form (PDIs)

 General Rules for SCPF Championship Competitions

  1. All participating clubs must be paid up members of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF)
  2. There will separate Championships for Prints and Projected Digital Images (PDI)

The top 2 clubs in each will be invited to represent the SCPF at the PAGB Inter Club Print and PDI Championships respectively.

  1. Images including composite images must be entirely the work of the photographer
  2. There must be no indication of the photographer or club visible on the front of any image Print or PDI
  3. No image or image so similar as to deemed to be the same, must have been previously entered in any SCPF Championship in any format Print or PDI
  4. A member may represent more than one club but may not submit images that are the same or so similar as to be deemed to be the same
  5. There will be three judges scoring electronically in a range of 2 to 5
  6. All sections of the Championship will be run as a straight battle between participating clubs with all images contributing to the final score
  7. The winning club in each section will be determined by the highest total score. In the event of a tie a count-back will be applied
  8. In the event of a photographer being a member of the first and second placed clubs, pre-qualified club or a member of another federation, the photographer must declare which club or federation they will represent. A photographer cannot represent more than one club or federation at the PAGB Championship
  9. A club representing the SCPF at the PAGB Championship must abide in full with the PAGB rules.
  10. The SCPF Council reserves the right to amend the rules. In the event of a dispute the decision of the SCPF Council will be final
  11. Entries will not be accepted after the closing date determined by the SCPF Council
  12. The SCPF cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to any image
  13. All trophies must be returned to the SCPF council before the next year’s event
  14. Any breach of these rules may lead to disqualification at the discretion of the SCPF Council
  15. The SCPF Council reserves the right to use any digital image entered into SCPF competitions and exhibitions to produce a CD, and be considered for any PAGB competitions and exhibitions. If the photographer does not wish to allow their work to be used they must state on the club’s entry form prior to the competition. The photographer’s copyright will be observed at all times.

Print Championship Rules

  1. Clubs will submit 15 prints but no more than 3 prints per photographer.
  2. The mounts must be no more than 50cm X 40cm, there is no minimum size. Any protective sleeves, Velcro, or fixings must be removed to avoid damage to other prints
  3. Titles of prints, photographer’s name, and club number must be uploaded on the Championship website, (a key code will be issued to participating clubs) also a PDI of the print no larger than 1400×1050 as per the PDI rules before the closing date. A label will be sent by post to your club which must be attached to the rear of the print at the top right hand corner. The print label must correspond with the entry form submitted
  4. The winning club will receive a trophy
  5. There will be an award for the best individual image and awards from each of the judges
  6. The first and second clubs will be invited to represent the SCPF at the PAGB Inter club Print Championship, unless pre-qualified or declines to take part, in which case the next highest scoring club will be invited to represent the SCPF.

PDI Championship Rules

  1. Clubs will submit 15 PDIs but no more than 3 PDIs per photographer.
  2. Images should be in jpg format only and 8bit, maximum size should not exceed 1400 wide X 1050 pixels high, and should be in sRGB colour space as in all other competitions.
  3. 3. All PDI images must be uploaded to the Upload system on the championship web page (same as the league upload system).  All participating clubs will be issued with an upload key code and all images must be uploaded before the closing date (1st March 2016).
  4. The winning club will receive a trophy
  5. There will be an award for the best individual Image and awards from each of the judges
  6. The first and second clubs will be invited to represent the SCPF at the PAGB Inter club PDI Championship, unless pre-qualified or declines to take part, in which case the next highest scoring club will be invited to represent the SCPF.


Note: – The Championship Upload system can be found on the website. Go to SECTION –CHAMPIONSHIP – UPLOAD. Should you have a problem contact David Isaacs 01256 770598

Dates for 2016 Championships 

The closing date for both Print and PDI Championship is 1st March 2016.

* Please ensure that the Entry Forms, and the PDI images are submitted before the closing date*

 The SCPF Championships will be held on 20th March 2016 hosted by

 Highcliffe & Infinity Camera Club, Bashley Village Hall, Bashley Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5RY, please have your prints at the venue before 10:30 on the day,

help us to help you to have a good day



Liz Cutting ARPS, DPAGB

Barbie Lindsay MPAGB, EFIAP/b, FBPE

Russell Lindsay MPAGB, EFIAP, FBPE


Important NOTE To prevent an error with regard to entries to PAGB Print and PDI Championships, Print and PDI Competitions and Exhibition, any photographer who has membership of two or more clubs and one or more is outside the remit of the SCPF in those events they will be expected to support the Club and Federation which pays its affiliation fee to the PAGB. The Club must declare this when entering SCPF Competitions and the Exhibition on the relevant entry forms.


A copy of this text can be downloaded as a MS Word Doc –> Rules for SCPF Championship amend for 2016.