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Please, can you see if you can spare some time and help out with the exhibition stewarding?

Dates that still need filling  are:

6th,12th pm, 15th am,16th pm, 19th, 22nd, 23rd am, 27th pm   January 2018.

A big thanks to all who have signed up to date, a really good response so far this year!

Many thanks.


Peter Rocchiccioli President of the SCPF presenting Val Goldsworthy the SCPF Roll Of Honour Certificate in recognition of the hard work she has put into Fareham & Portchester Camera Club.  Val thoroughly deserves recognition for all she has done and continues to do for Fareham & Portchester Camera Club andhas been a loyal supporter of the SCPF. Val is a shining example to Club members, of what Club participation should be about.


171024 Newsletter

League materials are now available from the ‘league digital assets’ page. You can get to this from the ‘League’ menu item.

This page is password protected; the password has been emailed to registered uploaders.

Once inside you’ll be presented with a list of available downloads.

When you click on the links you will be taken to the download page for the requested pack.

Check the ‘agree’ box to confirm that these files are for SCPF presentation only.

We have sent passwords for each file which your club may download. If you are in print div 1 and pdi div 2, you will have received 2 passwords, one for each file pack. Please make sure you use the correct password for the file downloads.

Each download contains a single zip file. Unzip it. It will unpack 3 folders entitled, 1600, 1400, and 1024. Each folder contains all images sized to the appropriate dimensions. The print images are the 1600 (or as uploaded) versions of the files. These are provided for reference and for projection during print competitions.

If there are any amendments or updates to the files we will inform all clubs in each league. The ‘version’ number will be incremented. Please make sure that you download the latest version prior to projection.

If there are any issues with the download process, please get in touch via the comments form, or email directly both the league secretary and webmaster.


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August Newsletter:

170826 Newsletter

“When is the deadline for uploading images for the league?” – Looking for those dates? There are now a few places you can find out easily.

Judging Feedback Comments by Competency

SCPF launched a feedback process in early 2016 to provide judges with constructive information about how we’re doing.

You might be interested to know the following stats from the first eighteen months of the process.

  • In the eighteen months since launch, 105 feedbacks have been received – 94 by the official form and 11 by letter or email;
  • 44 clubs have contributed, 80% of which are SCPF; the remainder equally are clubs in SxPF, SPA and CACC. That means approximately half of SCPF clubs have not provided feedback;
  • Clubs providing feedback are led by Basingstoke (9); Winchester (8); Bognor Regis (6); Petersfield (5); Bracknell, Gosport, New Forest, and Niton (4); Alton, Horndean, Isle of Wight, Lewes (SxPF), Reading, Salisbury, Seven Sisters (SxPF), and Storrington (3);
  • Feedback covers 36 individual judges, sixteen of whom were at Level 1 on receiving their first feedback, fifteen at Level 2 and five at Level 3;
  • Feedback has contributed to 10 upgrades to Level 2 (+2 currently pending) and 3 upgrades to Level 3 (+1 currently pending);
  • From 105 feedbacks, we have distilled approximately 400 useful free comments (both praise and criticism), and categorised them by the judging competencies that we train. Free comments carry a lot of weight, because they reveal what is important to reviewers.
Judging Feedback Comments by Competency

Spread of judging feedback comments by competency areas

Appraisal Skills (32%) attracted the most comments (mostly positive), and within that, giving a constructive critique and a balanced appraisal were overwhelmingly the most important qualities to emerge.

Marking (17%) was commented less frequently than Appraisal Skills and Language and Presentation, but attracted the most criticism, not surprisingly. Marking was mentioned more as a criticism than a praise. 39% of all comments received about Marking concerned the range of marks awarded, where there was twice as much criticism as praise, mainly for using too narrow a range. Coherence of marking – the perceived matching marks to comments – also attracted significant comment.

All of this I intend to publish in more detail later in the year.

For now, thank you very much to all the clubs who have contributed to our judging development by giving feedback. Your help is greatly appreciated.

And a reminder please. Recently we have had to intervene on behalf of judges to press clubs to provide feedback after judges have requested it. We do ask that clubs provide feedback whenever you engage a Level 1 judge for your evenings. It is essential, as they are gaining experience, for new judges to know how they are doing, and it helps us too when it comes to upgrades.

Best Regards

… Ken Scott
Judging Advisor

Please can those responsible for uploading images for the league, remember to register your keycode before uploading entries. You can find the tab on the uploader page to register (third tab in).

Registering your details links the keycode to your club, email address and allows us to send correspondence, confirmations and activates the check entry functionality. If you enter prints or PDI’s without registering, you will not receive confirmations of entry; if there are any errors in sizes, dimensions, format etc, you will not be notified.

If you have any issues please contact the league secretary via email (league@).