The SCPF Sponsorship scheme lets you be in touch with over 70 camera clubs and photographic societies across the south of England. That amounts to over 4000 photographers, lecturers and judges in our area & photographers worldwide.

Sponsorship Levels

All include distribution of leaflets and advertising at all federation events, as requested. Specific page links may also be negotiated.

  • Silver:
    Basic-sized logo on the website homepage linked to your site plus inside page advert for the Annual Exhibition Catalogue and other publications*. League sponsorship also available.
  • Gold:
    As above with larger website logo.
  • Gold Plus:
    As for Platinum with maximum-sized web logo but with a basic inside page of Exhibition Catalogue, plus name on the front cover but no highlighting on the website.
  • Platinum:
    Maximum-sized web logo and/or key pages in Exhibition Catalogue plus Company’s name on the front cover plus (if supplied) an animated logo on the website to attract more attention.

Our site is pro-active & pages can always be redesigned, in consultation with firms, in order to help promote our sponsors to maximum effect. Firms may also choose a specific web page allied to their product – such as Print Competitions or League matches.


These are held at the previous year’s rates:
Silver £100    Gold £150    Gold+ £175    Platinum £200

Other Opportunities

Several events are held each year including Print & Digital competitions, Print & Digital exhibitions, open training sessions for Judges and occasionally other exhibitions.
Please indicate if your firm is prepared to offer bulk sales to a club.