Minutes of No 198 SCPF Club Representatives’ Meeting 11 November 2014 at Littleton Memorial Hall, The Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QL


John Hodge (President), Eric Bennett, George Walsh, Peter Rocchiccioli, Leo Rich, Bracknell CC, Chichester CC, Fareham & Portchester CC, Farnborough CC, Fordingbridge CC, Gosport CC, Highcliffe & Infinity CC, Horndean, Locksheath & Sarisbury (Bill Flood), CC, Lymington CC, New Forest CC, Overton PC, Practical CC, Petersfield PS, Poole CC, Salisbury CC, Southampton,CC, Viewfinders of Romsey CC, Wokingham & E Berks CC, Woolston CC, Yateley CC.



Aldershot, Farnham & Fleet, Basingstoke CC, Steyning, Winchester PS, David Isaacs, Glyn Edmunds, Lynn Lambeth (Secretary), Roy Lambeth, Tony Oliver (Vice President), Graeme Sleeman (Treasurer), Ken Scott



The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11 May 2014 were accepted and signed by John Hodge as a true record.



There was a reminder that someone, or two, need to take on the role of organizing the Salisbury Exhibition in 2016 as George Walsh and Geoff Kelland are definitely standing down.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT – JOHN HODGE John reported on activity since the AGM, including:

  1. PAGB Inter-Federation Competition / Exhibition, including the need to encourage more participation.
  2. Roll of Honour to Terry Jamieson of Viewfinders of Romsey
  3. Awards for Photographic Merit Advisory Day, organised by Roy Lambeth, which was verysuccessful
  4. AV Championships held in October
  5. New clubs joining the Federation: Blandford Forum CC, Dorset Light, the mergedBournemouth Electric CC and Bournemouth PS, and Bishops Waltham CC
  6. Important issues in recent communications : New definitions for Nature photography, and clarification of the PAGB Public Liability Insurance cover for clubs, judges and speakers.


5.1 5.2

5.3 5.4


In his absence, Graeme’s report was circulated.
Final accounts for year ended 31st March were attached to the report.
On-going problems of communication with some club treasurers for insurance and subscriptions. Up-to- date contact details need to be submitted.
The Anniversary Book was a success, both for promotion and financially; the costs for the whole project to the SCPF amount to £87.37. A few books are still available.
Generally, costs have been maintained within usual levels. More accurate analysis is available with current system. The small excess of expenditure over income is not a concern. SCPF is adequately funded and no immediate changes are needed.
In answer to a question on the treasurer’s email, it was stated that every effort would be made to get treasury matters passed on.

6 6.1

6.1.2 6.1.3


The president noted that there was a variation of about £400 from those of the AGM. There had been a very tight timescale in which to get all the figures together.
Zaid Merherali asked about the difference in assets.
The report and accounts were proposed for acceptance by Rebecca Hitchcock and seconded by Richard Temlett.

7 7.1



The PAGB is working on a revised AV qualification. The scheduled date is now over-subscribed, but they will try for another one later in 2015.
There are vacancies for the Awards Adjudication in Ormskirk & November 2015 in Port Talbot, South Wales, but the Credit applications are getting filled up quickly.

8 8.1

In his absence, Roy’s report was circulated.
NWPA club complains Exhibition Entry Fee was taken under false pretences.


8.1.2 8.1.3

8.1.4 8.2



8.2.3 8.2.4

One of the exhibiting clubs at the North Wales Photographic Association complained that because the NWPA couldn’t show the PDIs as a continuous projection, their money was taken fraudulently. Despite images being shown at the opening, and being made available on DVD free of charge to each club and entrants, Trading Standards agreed that the images had not been exhibited.

NWPA will be re-writing their rules to state that continuous projection of PDIs cannot be guaranteed. It is not unusual for exhibition organisers to be unable to exhibit all prints and continuously project PDIs. Clubs should look at their exhibition rules and consider the decision taken by Trading Standards in this case.

A question was raised following this report about the wording of the SCPF Exhibition rules and whether it has continuous projection.
PAGB definition of a Camera Club or Photographic Society
A definition of a club for insurance purposes has been agreed by the PAGB and their insurers. The published definition has been adopted immediately, even though the wording of the contract cannot be applied until the policy is renewed.

“A camera club, photographic society, photographic club or photographic group with a published constitution and a published programme of events, united by a common interest in photography, meeting in person for mutual co-operation, education, entertainment or competition and conducted solely from a physical location within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man”

Clubs must fall within this definition to be able to be insured, from renewal, under the PAGB agreed policies and only such clubs will be able to compete in PAGB competitions from that date. Federations are free to accept clubs who do not meet the PAGB definition as members, and allow them to participate in federation competitions. Images from these clubs will not be valid in PAGB competitions, including the Inter-Federation competition.
All current SCPF clubs comply with the definition. Clubs and the SCPF should be aware of this definition before accepting membership from virtual clubs or sub-groups based on-line with a separate membership.
Answering a question from Steve Kirkby, Alton, on how Wigan 10 meet this criteria, Leo Rich replied that it had a published programme on their website.
It was stated that for the Southampton 2015 PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit, the Observers’ ticket will be advertised at £6.00 in PAGB e-news.

9 9.1 9.1.2


In his absence, the report was read out by the President.
There is a judges’ newsletter in draft format, which will be issued to all clubs once it has been examined by the judging community. It will also be available on the judging section of the website.
The next judging workshop, there are four bookings already in. This is a practical judging session, not come and find out one.
Graeme Sleeman wants to be added to the list.

10 10.1

10.2 10.3 10.4

10.5 10.6


10.6.2 10.6.3

Upload system – working well: almost 90%successful first time entries. Only a few clubs had problems with key codes.
The first results – entered on new scoring system, and working well.
Attention –postal address and phone contact details needed as well as email, for labels and PDI discs In the future – looking for a system to upload print titles and actual PDIs so clubs can burn their own discs, but security issues are important. Printing own labels may be possible from on-line, making clubs more responsible for their entries, and saving time and money
Finals Day Sunday 10th May 2015 – invitations will be sent to top clubs in each Division. Medals will be awarded for the highest scoring images, print and PDI.
Dates for next season – possibility of the dates being moved forward, eg 16th October 2015 as closing date for entries, it will be essential that the images be loaded before then. All clubs would gain an extra ten days for selection. Suggestion for the League window to be 1st November 2015 to 31st March 2016. A question from Dawn Evans, Wokingham about the difficulty in downloading the score sheets had replies of several offers of help.
Bill Flood requested that the bottom part of the score sheet be filled in. but leave the last column blank. Chris Keane, Hungerford, made a request that all documents be sent out be in PDF format, as he does not use Word.

11 11.1


Handbook Secretary – Eric Bennett PAGB Handbooks available at £3.00.
Print boxes – this had been a larger than usual order of 75. They are not yet available, but hopes for next

11.1.2 11.1.3 11.3


11.3.2 11.3.3 11.3.4

11.4 11.4.1

week. He appealed for volunteers to help collect them.
In answer to a question of timing for the next order of print boxes, it was stated that they would be ready for collection at the AGM in May.
The SCPF Handbook has one mistake. The password will change after Christmas, but there will be an overlap in the time between the old and the new one. Passwords always come via email.
SCPF Exhibition 2015 – George Walsh He thanked clubs for prints already received. Because of the limited space, there was a maximum of 35 print panels to be displayed. There would be a refund to Aldershot, Farnham & Fleet CC for their print panel fee.
Judging will take place Sunday 16th November by Clive Tanner FRPS, from Kent County PA. Notification of awards will be announced and be available on the website.
Posters advertising the Exhibition were available.
He thanked all those volunteers who helped with stewarding the previous Exhibition; the Exhibition was covered every day. He appealed for help with stewarding for the Exhibition in January 2015.
The showing of the PDIs each day at the Exhibition had been a great success. He thanked Richard Temlett for his help.
Peter Rocchiccioli was thanked for production of the excellent catalogue.
Eric Bennett was thanked for all his help with the PDIs.
George recommended that clubs buy the CD of the 2015 PDI entries when it becomes available as it would be entertaining viewing and a useful programme fallback.
SCPF Roll of Honour – George Walsh – This was presented to Terence Jamieson of Viewfinders of Romsey CC on 30th September by the President, John Hodge.
There are seven candidates awaiting presentation.

12 12.1


12.1.3 12.1.4

12.1.5 12.1.6


The President, John Hodge, introduced this item by saying that the SCPF was not getting enough entries, and that it was not worth running an event for only four clubs. The SCPF Council needs ideas from the representatives.
Richard Temlett responded that obtaining a licence was a problem, and that something needed to be published on the website on how to get one. It was stated that clubs can get a licence.
It was also added that a hall’s performing licence should also cover the showing of an AV.
25% of SCPF clubs have an AV component to the club.
It was stated from the Hungerford rep that the percentage content of video and other sources is limited; the PAGB has a definition covering this.
Portchester has two categories in their AV group, the 2nd for more than one person working together. Leo’s PAGB response was that he wasn’t too sure about that.
Hayling Island asked if there could be a licence for all SCPF clubs.
There was an appeal for comments on the help available and for these to be shared within the SCPF.

13 13.1

13.1.2 13.1.3

The President opened up the discussion by saying that because there was a six-month gap between the AGM in May, and the first Reps’ meeting in November, there was a problem in returning prints and therefore proposed to re-instate a meeting in September.
A respondent said it also meant that handing in prints for the new league was near the deadline.
There was agreement to the proposal. The date will need to be set by the Council subject to available hall bookings.
It was also suggested that the additional meeting could be in August instead of September as previous meetings had been.

14 14.1 14.2



No items had been previously notified.
There was a question as to why the agendas and minutes were no longer on the website. It was suggested that this may have resulted following the changeover of the website.
A question was raised as to Wimborne CC’s absence from the first print round of Division 2. It was noted that the calendar of events was not so good and that the spreadsheet was better.

The second half of meeting Aperture Books presented their products.

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Future meetings dates: Monday 16th February; Sunday 10th May; Tuesday 10th November – all at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall