Minutes of No 199 SCPF Club Representatives’ Meeting 16 February 2015 at Littleton Memorial Hall, The Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QL


John Hodge (President), Eric Bennett, George Walsh, Peter Rocchiccioli, Leo Rich, Dave Isaacs, Lynn Lambeth, Roy Lambeth, Aldershot ,Farnham & Fleet, Alton, Basingstoke, Beaulieu, Bishops Waltham, Bognor Regis, Bracknell CC, Chichester CC, Disabled Photographers, Fareham & Portchester CC, Farnborough CC, Gosport CC, Havant, Highcliffe & Infinity CC, Horndean, Ordnance Survey, Overton PC, Practical CC, Petersfield PS, Poole CC, Southampton, Spectrum, Viewfinders of Romsey CC, Wimborne CC, Wokingham & E Berks CC, Woolston CC, Yateley CC.



Tony Oliver (Vice President) Glyn Edmunds, Ken Scott, Burghfield, Lymington, New Forest, Salisbury,


MINUTES OF MEETING NO 198, 11 November 2014

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11 November 2014 were accepted and signed by John Hodge as a true record. Proposed by Janet Barton, seconded by David Barton.

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5.2 Lymington CC via email raised the matter of communication as it was their understanding that all matters regarding membership and insurance would be sent to secretaries and treasurers. Graeme felt that he now had an up to date list of treasurers so would only send information to secretaries if follow up emails to treasurers failed to get a response. This was accepted as a way forward.

12.1.6 Regarding a license for AV, there had been 1 reply from Ian Ross, Viewfinders CC, things are still felt to be confusing.

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John had presented Rolls of Honour to members of Bracknell CC at the club’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in December.
The opening of the Exhibition in January saw another splendid show, even better than last year. John congratulated George on this success, also thanking the support of members who assist in the hanging and dismantling of the exhibition as well as giving their time to steward.
John is delighted to report that Highcliffe & Infinity will be hosting the 2016 Championships. Also during January 2 Rolls of Honour were presented at Basingstoke CC.
On communications John was pleased to report that Council had agreed to the development of a Facebook page. Jason Hyde is producing the initial restricted page for Council to agree before rolling out to all. It is hoped this will provide another easy communication route between the federation and the club members. Obviously we are concerned to ensure that it will be secure and not open to abuse. Finally John attended the Federation Judging Workshop; this was an all day event where 11 prospective new Level 1 judges participated. John said he was hugely impressed by the quality of the workshop which has moved on greatly in recent years. Thanks were given to Ken Scott for organizing this and to the 5 level 3 judges who assisted with the coaching; a big commitment which is hoped will pay dividends in the future.
2 presentations were made on the evening to Steve Woolcock for achieving his CPAGB and Damian Morris for achieving his DPAGB. John gave thanks to Steve Kirkby for taking photos of the presentation.

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Graeme reported this was a busy period with the Exhibition and the PAGB PL Insurance renewals but it passed without excess trauma.
The Anniversary Book project has been a remarkable achievement with the net cost of the project being just £87.27. There are still a few books for sale at the reduced cost of £10 which is hoped will reduce this cost to a breakeven point or a small profit.
PAGB PLI renewals have been a lot better than last year with most club treasurers keeping Graeme up to date with their contact details. Certificates are being distributed via emails this year and all clubs renewing through this scheme will receive their documents in due course.
There are 5 clubs who have either not renewed their insurance or informed Graeme of their own insurance arrangements. Graeme mentioned all 5 clubs and was able to make contact with most of these through the help of those present. Club reps that judge or lecture were concerned about this situation as all clubs should hold PLI to cover any unforeseen accidents.
Current balances are: Current account £4,196.27; Deposit account £8,300.88
Attached to the minutes is a Profit and Loss account report covering 1st April 2014 – 16th February 2015.

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Ormskirk August 2015 – the university have suddenly decided not to let their premises to outside organization and a replacement venue is being arranged within the same locality.
Sunday 16th August – Credit and Masters day is already oversubscribed so the Credit PDI’s will be moved to Saturday (as per April 2015) to make more room for Credit Prints. Still spaces available for Distinction Print and PDI sections as well as Credit PDI.

Port Talbot November 2015 – there are still plenty of spaces available across all the sections.
April 2016 Adjudication – there will be no bookings at this event until both August and November events are full.
From April 2016 the PAGB have agreed an increase in fees, Credit level will remain the same; Distinction will increase from £75 to £90 and Masters will increase from £95 to £120.
Awards in AV – Because the Adjudication in May this year was oversubscribed within 72 hours, the PAGB Exec have agreed to underwrite another adjudication in the Spring of 2016. This is already 75% full with the applications held over from this year. Anyone looking to achieve an award in AV will need to be very speedy. The increased fees will also apply to this event.
An application form specific to AV for 2016 is available from Leo by sending A5 stamped addressed envelope. The declaration wording has been modified so the 2015 form will no longer be accepted.

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2015 PAGB Print Championship will now be held at the University of England at Elsmere Port. Ticket prices will be £10 per person. The date and venue is yet to be confirmed.
The PAGB PDI Championships will continue to be held at Warwick, tickets will remain at £5 per person.

PAGB will be publishing the following Advisory documents on their website soon, these are: Advice for Clubs on Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults attending Club Meetings; Health and Safety and Data Protection.
FIAP 26th Colour Biennial is being organized by PAGB this year. Please look at the SCPF website or e- news to see how to enter the PAGB competition to select the England entry. Closing date is 27th March 2015. The theme for the PAGB’s entry will be ‘People in their Environment’.

FIAP Rules are in a period of change. Anyone applying for an award should keep up to date on how any changes to the rules may affect them.
The current changes are applicable to applications from January 2016 and can be found on e-news issue 132 where Dave Coates PAGB FIAP Liaison Officer has written a summary of the situation.

It is advisable for everyone to sign up to e-news to receive all the latest news.
Banned Photographers – All federations will be informed of all banned photographers not only on the FIAP red list but those banned by the PAGB. Any club running an exhibition can request this information from the Federation Secretary.
Travel expenses for judges and lecturers remain unchanged at 30p per mile plus fuel.
Photography Show at NEC Birmingham is being held 21 – 24 March 2015. Entrance fee is £18 at door or £13.95 if you pre-book. Pre book and quote the PAGB code PAGBTPS15 will reduce the ticket price to £10.95, a very good saving. Further details in e-news.
Awards Adjudication April 2015 – this is being hosted by the SCPF and held at Richard Taunton 6th Form College on 25th and 26th April. Tickets for entrants and their guests will be sent out by the Print and PDI Receiving Secretaries.
Observer only tickets will be on sale from 27th March £6 per ticket. Application forms will be on the SCPF website, tickets available from Roy, email

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A newsletter has been circulated to all the current judges for feedback, when this has been received and any amendments made the Newsletter will be circulated to all club members.

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A request had been received that a change be made to the scoring system for the league when 2 clubs tie for a place, particularly the top 2 clubs. The reason for this is it is felt to be unfair on the club in second place. After a brief discussion with the Club Reps it was felt there should be a proposal put together explaining exactly what the change would be and why before anyone could be expected to vote on the request.

It was agreed Council would look at this and put it on the Agenda for the AGM/Club Reps meeting. Dave urged all clubs to look at the rules on the website as they have been updated and reworded to make things clearer. There is now more time to enter images, date moved from 6th October to the 16th October.
The league window for the individual rounds will be 1st November to 31st March.


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Rules now state that your images must be in SRGB and 1400 (horizontal) x 1050 (vertical). There is no longer any need to provide in both sizes as the software will resize to 1028 x 768. This has worked this year with no problem.
The 2nd phase of the upload system will be introduced for the next season; this will be for you to add print titles and photographers names.

For the next season you will need to compile an A4 sheet with thumbnails of all your prints, this will be kept on record. It will be easier to keep track of images that have been previously entered. Clubs can request a copy of their images at any time.
It looks likely that there will be another 3 clubs joining the league making a total of 40 clubs in the Print league; therefore the number of clubs within each league will need to be adjusted. The fairest way to deal with this is to have 8 clubs in each division. There was a short discussion with most people agreeing it was likely to have little effect on the actual evenings judging.

Dave asked the reps how they would feel on the introduction of a B team for the larger clubs, thus allowing more members work to be used. There was very mixed feelings on this. Dave said it would have to be introduced in 2017 at the earliest and requested that Club Reps talk to their committees and come back with some thoughts on this to him. This will be included on the Club Reps/AGM Agenda. Basingstoke has had problems this year with the transportation of prints. Some clubs had not sent a representative at the correct match to move the prints on. On the whole this process works, Dave urged clubs to talk to each other about this.

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Roll of Honour Since the last meeting in November there have been 7 presentations that have taken place. At Bracknell CC, Chris and Debbie Bradley, Ron Gafney and Ruari Cumming; and at Basingstoke CC; Mike and Cath Farrow were all presented their Rolls of Honour by John Hodge, President. At Chichester CC Glyn Edmunds Past President presented a Roll of Honour to Peter Rocchiccioli. At the present time we have 1 more awaiting presentation.
Exhibition 2015 George gave thanks to Council and Club Members for the help and time they gave to make this exhibition a great success, resulting in an almost full list for stewarding. Many visitors came from various parts of the country and the comments put in the book were of a high standard.
We sold more catalogues which is always a help in keeping the costs down.
The Opening evening again proved a great success with over 80 people attending. Thanks to Tony Oliver and his team for the catering arrangements. Special thanks to Richard for the showing of the PDI’s, which were also shown throughout the exhibition.
This year we received over 437 votes in the Best Print Voting box, with the winning image receiving 24 votes. John Hodge draw a name out of the hat of those who voted, the lucky winner was Mrs Boyle of Havant, receiving a £20 cash prize. The winning print was No 21 Flying Percherons by Alan Price of Beaulieu CC.
The judge for next year will be Brian Swinyard FRPS DPAGB EFIAP/b from Midlands Counties Photographic Federation.
Handbook Secretary The password has changed and as usual it is sent to the secretaries, anyone wanting this to send an email to Eric who will respond with the password. The password for the Judges directory will be changed by Ken Scott, this should be done in the next week or so.
Print Boxes The next order will be mid March – mid April, a note will be sent to all Club Secretaries as well as a note on the website.
Publicity The advertisers in our catalogue have supported us for the last 5 years. Peter requested that anyone using these please let them know they are members of the Federation. This helps with their continued support.
Secretary There is a lot of information sent to the secretary from various clubs for circulation. Lynn made a plea for this information to be checked before being sent to her. It is not the Federation secretary’s role to proof read these requests and often there is vital information missing such as dates/times/venues. It is also worth ensuring the spelling and grammar are correct, this is very easy to do in this age of computing.
Please also ensure any information being circulated is sent in PDF as many people no longer work in Word.
Lynn reported that after some 10+ years she will be standing down and said it had been her choice to remain on the Council that long, it was not because she felt she had to. Lynn had enjoyed this time on Council. This means there will be a vacancy for secretary and urged people to give this some consideration, even if they felt they can only commit to 1 or 2 years it would be of help. Lynn stressed that whilst the secretary’s role is not a difficult one it is an important one and if no one took on this role it would mean that information would not get circulated as often as it should.



No items had been previously notified

Second half of meeting On Line Paper Co presented their products.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome concerning content of Representatives’ Meetings – please contact SCPF Secretary :

Future meetings dates: Sunday 10th May; Tuesday 10th November – all at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall

No 199 Minutes 16 February 2015