Minutes of No 202 SCPF Club Representatives’ Meeting/AGM
10th November 2015 at Littleton Memorial Hall, Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QL


Tony Oliver (President), Eric Bennett, John Hodge, Peter Rocchiccioli, George Walsh, , Aldershot & Farnham, Alton, Basingstoke, Beaulieu, Bournemouth Electric &BPS, Bracknell, Burghfield CC, Chichester CC, Fareham & Portchester CC, Farnborough, Fordingbridge CC, Gosport CC, Highcliffe & Infinity CC, Hungerford CC, Locksheath & Sarisbury CC, New Forest CC, Newbury CC, Ordnance Survey PS, Overton PC, Poole CC, Reading CC, Salisbury CC, Southampton CC, Viewfinders of Romsey CC, Wimborne CC, Wokingham & E Berks CC, Woolston CC, Yateley CC



Ken Scott, Graeme Sleeman (Treasurer), George Walsh, Ray Acland (Exhibition), Niton & District CC, Practical CC, Steyning CC, Wareham CC


MINUTES OF MEETING NO 200, 10th May 2015

The Minutes of the above meeting were accepted and signed by Tony Oliver as a true record.



There were no matters arising, not covered elsewhere on the Agenda.

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Tony Oliver – previously circulated
Tony was very grateful for all the support he had received from Council and the SCPF membership
He still receives enquiries about how the federation related to the PAGB. He referred the membership to “What is the Southern Counties Federation” written by John Hodge.
With the advent of the annual Exhibition at Salisbury Library in January, he looked forward to seeing the work presented. He expressed the need for help in preparing for this, both putting up and taking down the prints. He urged for each club to commit to a half-day stewarding.
Tony asked clubs to look at their membership for potential Council members for some unfilled posts, and others which may become vacant at the AGM. He appealed for individuals willing to take on roles to approach him, or any other Council members.

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TREASURER’S REPORT – GRAEME SLEEMAN – previously circulated
In the Treasurer’s absence, Tony picked out specific details. Graeme had reported that the annual renewal of club subscriptions to the SCPF had been completed. Wight Balance had not renewed.
The next matter for all clubs would be the renewal of the PAGB Insurance Scheme, of which most clubs are members. Graeme looked forward to clubs’ co-operation when the form is circulated by email in December.
Details of the premiums that clubs would need to pay, based on a Limit of Indemnity of £5,000,000, were listed depending on the numbers of members.
This policy covers club excursions within the UK. Royal & Sun Alliance will extend this for worldwide trips, subject to an additional premium.
Details of the current trading account were included.
The SCPF had maintained costs within usual acceptable levels, and was adequately funded. He foresaw no need for changes in the immediate future.
The question was raised about a figure expressed in brackets in the Expenses column will be directed back to the Treasurer.

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PAGB AWARDS OFFICER REPORT – LEO RICH – previously circulated
November 2015 Adjudication – Neath (Port Talbot)
Entry packs and CDs had arrived and are being processed. There were still spaces for observers. Reception Secretaries experiencing difficulties with Entrants’ work not conforming to instructions issued in the advice given to each applicant on receipt of their application. This particularly applies with print workers not re-sizing the image, and using the incorrect colour space when compiling their images for the accompanying CD. He urged that when planning an Awards Workshop, clubs should include this issue in their “topical tips” section.
April 2016 Adjudication – Gateshead
The Credit Print section is anticipated as being full by the closing date.
There is still space for PDI entries at both Credit and Distinction levels.


6.2.3 6.3 6.3.1

6. 4 6.5

There have been two entries for Master Prints, but a minimum of five is needed to run the section.

May 2016 Adjudication in Audio Visual

No further applications had been received. As the planned two –day event may be reduced to a one very full day, Leo pleaded for more AV entries from the Federation.
The SCPF Webmaster, Jason Hyde, had included a page on the website outlining the procedure and requirements for individual club members to apply. Club secretaries were requested to re-direct any enquiry to the site, and also to the re-vamped PAGB website.

In answer to a question from Horndean CC about viewing successful AV Awards, Leo said that the PAGB system for this was in the process of being updated. CD/DVDs will be available after the next adjudication in May 2016.

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PAGB EXEC MEMBER REPORT – ROY LAMBETH – previously circulated
PAGB Inter-Club Championships, October 2015, held at Ellsmere Port. Equal first, Dumfries and Stafford, runners up 3rd place Cannock, and equal 4th place Wigan 10 and Chorley.
The clubs representing the SCPF had been Southampton CC, a regular contender, and New Forest CC, a first time entrant (Rookie Club).
Winner of the Plate Competition was Smethwick. Southampton gained a provisional = 10th with five other clubs, and New forest a provisional =22nd also with five other clubs.
Best Rookie Club (new club) was Thurrock.
Venue for next year will be Ormskirk High School, on Sunday 23rd October 2016.
2015 Inter-Fed Competition and Exhibition.
Because some Federations had inadvertently submitted a duplicate image from the previous year’s entry, those images were removed and thus scored zero. The final position for SCPF was 9th in PDIs, and 7th in Colour Prints.
2018 Inter-Fed Competition and Exhibition.
The PAGB has asked if the SCPF could take on the hosting of this event.
Identification of a club willing to take this on will need to be known by early 2016 and, also at the same time, the name of an organizing Secretary (OS). Among other duties, the OS would be responsible for locating venues for the judging day, and the Exhibition.
This club would need to identify a print Receiving Secretary and Exhibition Secretary no later than early 2017.
A question from New Forest CC about duplication of images was answered by Tony. Council will be addressing the matter, and present a set of procedures to a future Reps’ Meeting for discussion.

8 8.1



No report was presented, but Tony reported that Ken had attended the National Judging Conference, and that a report would be presented to Council, and then circulated to clubs.
In answer to a question from Lymington on feedback forms, Tony said these should be rolled out soon.

9 9.1 9.1.2 9.1.3

9.1.4 9.1.5 9.1.6

9.1.7 9.1.8 9.2 9.2.1

He thanked the clubs for taking part in the competitions, and uploading had generally gone well.
He asked that clubs should pay careful attention to the size of the image being uploaded, and to the orientation of the image: a maximum of 1400 pixels in width, and 1050 pixels in height. Underscores in the titles should also be removed. These were the most common reasons for failure with uploads. The return email, following attempting upload, will inform a club for the reason for failure. Improvements for next season have already been identified. Dave acknowledged that he had given the wrong key code to some clubs.
Dave re stated that clubs should read the rules concerning the competition window: 1st November 2015 to 31st March 2016.
In response to a comment from Dave that the judge has to see all the prints prior to scoring, Petersfield PS said they had no space available to display the prints.
In response to a question on countback, Dave explained the principle of the number of 10s, then 9.5s, then 9.0, and that this would happen at the end of the season.
On another question about countback, Dave also explained about an = with the score.
Jason responded to a question about scores not being displayed by Di Centra.
The Championships
Venue 20th March, hosted by Highcliffe & Infinity CC


9.2.2 9.3

The rules and entry forms will be posted on the Championship webpage soon.
Each club can submit entries of 15 prints and or 15 PDIs.
Clubs will be encouraged to use the uploading system on the website.
A new key code will be provided for this event, along with a new label for the prints.
Dave responded to a question from Lymington CC about the need for a PDI when entering a print. Dave reminded the meeting that he would be standing down from the position of League Secretary at the AGM. He asked if there was anyone interested in taking over, because they could shadow him for the rest of the season.

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Handbook Secretary – Eric Bennett
All PDIs for the Exhibition had come through correctly, bar one.
Print boxes were ready to collect. The next ones will be available at Finals Day
The Handbook is updated regularly.
Eric asked that all changes should go directly to him and not to the SCPF Secretary.
Roll of Honour – George Walsh
No report submitted
Exhibition 2016 – Ray Acland
In Ray’s absence, John Hodge appealed for clubs to email him about volunteering for the stewarding rota.
Publicity Secretary – Philip Acland
Peter stated that Southampton CC had invited him to explain about the SCPF to newer members. Webmaster – Jason Hyde
The site is maintained to his satisfaction.
The upload system for both PDIs and Prints has worked better this year. As noted in the League Secretary’s report, the main errors and failures were user errors. He suggested that perhaps an education session tagged on to the September Reps’ meeting would be prudent. Jason emphasized that he will provided significant support for technical issues to the new League Secretary. He is happy to supply further information to questions.
He gets requests for publicity for individual clubs. A Facebook group is awaiting approval from Council, and this would be the best place for this form of advertising.
A question was raised about the Calendar to ensure that dates remained consistent after the clock changes twice a year.
A question was raised on updating website documents. Tony appealed for clubs to update Council members with specific items.

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11.2 11.3

Guidance on Minors attending club meetings
Following presentation of the issue by Locksheath & Sarisbury CC, various points were made. Images of nudes are viewed in art galleries, but images of other people, apart from nudes, are submitted at Locksheath & Sarisbury, such as people in distress.
It was suggested that there could be junior clubs.
Tony wound up the discussion by suggesting that clubs email Locksheath and Sarisbury directly with their own pertinent advice.
Bracknell CC promoted the Martin Parr talk, 25th April.
Tony thanked Lynn Lambeth for organizing the refreshments.

The meeting closed, and was followed by a presentation by Gerry from Tamron.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome concerning content of Representatives’ Meetings – please contact SCPF Secretary :

Future meetings dates: Thursday 18th February, AGM & Finals Day, Sunday 8th May – all at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall





No 202 Reps’ Meeting Minutes 10th November 2015 Final