Havant Camare Club 43rd Open National Exhibition will be held at The Meridian Centre, (1st floor gallery), Havant, PO9 1UN  from Saturday 23rd November to Sunday 1st December 2013.

Opening hours 9am – 5.30pm (Mon to Sat) and 10am – 4pm (Sun)

Full details to be found at nationalexhibition.havantcameraclub.co.uk/

Our Awards Officer Leo Rich has advised that the April 2014 adjudication in Maidstone is rapidly filling up at Credit level, with only 7 places left as of 4th September, so if you plan to enter you need to get your registration in quickly.

There are two adjudications prior to this, in Dumfries in December, which is closed to audience ( this is an extra adjudication to try to clear backlog) and one on 23rd & 24th November at Weymouth, both now closed to entrants.

The Weymouth adjudication at Westfield Arts College, Littlemoor Rd, Weymouth DT3 6AA is open to observers as well as entrants, subject to number of entrants wishing to attend. Tickets (£7 inc tea / coffee) should go on sale in early October. If interested contact Di Tisley CPAGB, 2 Grove Barn, Martinstown, Dorchester, DT12 9JP tel 01305 889495, or [wpml_mailto email=”dijohn.tisley@waitrose.com”]email[/wpml_mailto] to check availability. A buffet lunch can also be ordered at £7.50

It has been brought to our attention that a lot of e-mails intended for the Council members have been going to an incorrect address; people have been missing out the “pf” at the end of the e-mail address.

The mail has been ending up at the Southern Counties Bus company! They have been helpfully redirecting but we do not want this problem to continue, hence this reminder.

[note_box]DON’T FORGET THE PF – SouthernCountiesPF.org.uk[/note_box]