Arena Seminar 2015

Details of the Arena seminar 2015

On 18th December 2014 at the club’s Diamond Jubilee celebration John Hodge presented Rolls of Honour to four long-standing Bracknell Club members who between them have notched up a hundred years membership. Ruari Cumming, Ron Gafney, Chris and Debbie Bradley were all recognized for their continuing contributions to the club, their many years of committee experience and their constant support and encouragement of other members.

[image title=”Ron Gafney” alt=”Ron Gafney” caption=”Ron Gafney receives his roll of honour from John Hodge”][/image]
[image title=”Ruari Cumming” alt=”Ruari Cumming” caption=”Ruari Cumming receives his roll of honour from John Hodge”][/image]
[image title=”Chris and Debbie Bradley ” alt=”Chris and Debbie Bradley ” caption=”Chris and Debbie Bradley receive their rolls of honour from John Hodge”][/image]

Exhibition Results

Print Awards

Woolston Shield (Best Club Entry):
First Place Bracknell CC
Second Place – Chichester CC
Third Place – New Forest CC
Highly Commended -Fordingbridge CC, Hayling CC, Southampton CC

Federation Trophy (Best Monochrome Print):
040 Tube Riders – Stuart Skelsey LRPS CPAGB
198 Jack – Tony Mearmans LRPS CPABG
076 Work of Art – Phillipa Hayter
Highly Commended – 021 Flying Percherons (Alan Price) – 195 Bella Donna (John Massey) – 209 Water (Steve Banks)

Herbert Dennis Trophy (Best Colour Print):
179 The Fountain Parks – Henry Szwinto
184 Cheetah Mother & Son – Margret Cooper
126 Mezmerised – Malc Leach
Highly Commended – 042 Night Ride (Peter Ellis AFIPA BPE1*) – 084 A Futile Repair (Ian Clarke LRPS) – 178 Take Off (Pete Wheildon)

Projected Digital Images Awards

Southern Counties Photographic Federation Shield:
First Place – Bracknell CC
Second Place – Southampton CC
Third Place – Winchester PS
Highly Commended – Havant CC, Chichester CC, Overton CC

Phillip Conway Memorial Trophy (Best PDI):
344 The look Out – Peter Ellis AFIPA BPE1*
556 Snow Leopard Cub – Martin Rickard
347 Enchanted Garden – Steve Reynolds LRPS
Highly Commended – 472 Kingfisher Defending its River (Alan Willis) – 355 Travelling Third Class (Janey Devine) – 535 Teak Temple Prayers (Nigel Plant ARPS AFIAP DPAGB)