It has been announced that Gaston Alziary of Newbury CC has died.

Individual scores for the 2015-206 exhibition are now available in the searchable table below.

2Barry Clark Bearded Reedling7.5
2Clive Chater Foxtrot Oscar10Very HC
2David M Moore LRPSDetermination9
2Derek RobertsRed Arrow9
2Roy Daisley Riding Ten Horses8
2Mark Fly Wild Meadows7
2Steve Kirkby Lady in Red7
2Sue Dewey Old Timer8
5Brian Chivers A Break in the Storm8.5
5Gina Stead Grey Hawk with Handler6.5
5Leena Roy Stingray and Entourage7.5
5Nigel Norris At Rest8.5
5Stephen Pritchard Bubble Explosion7
5Mike Farrow Returning to Perch7.5
5Susie Scott-Wakeling Rock Heiroglyph7.5
5Stephen Pritchard Thames Night Life8
6Cathryn Baldock Eilean Donan9.5
6Paul Boynton Thermal Artist7.5
6Alan Cooke Zig Zag8
6Jacky Daniel Beak a Boo7.5
6Sue Dunham Meadow Brown Feeding8
6Anthony Lewis Cheetah Lookout10
6Roy Kipps Old Winchester Hill7.5
6Allan Orme Arctic Tern8.5
8Paul Crombie And Who's For Dessert9
8Bill Brooks Bolt of Lightning7
8Tony Lord Unexpected Arrival7.5
8Simon Smith Feeding the Pigeons8.5
8Chris Walker Homecoming7.5
8Mark Brookman What Is That8.5
8Colin Thomas Inch Beach7.5
8Andrew Vance Moving Music9
9Berenice Moores Lotus Flower7
9Carolyn Middleton The Old & The New6.5
9Jules Syrett Chasing The Rain7.5
9Mike Moores Longleat Festival of Light6.5
9Gary Prescott Been Fishing6.5
9Rita Simmonds Oil Tank at Bootle6.5
9Heather Sharpe Avocets7.5
9Nick Leonard Vestrahorn8
11John Bickerdike ARPSSunday Morning8.5
11Barry Callan BPE1, CPAPGOn Reflection8.5
11John Chapman American Retro9.5
11Arthur Chiles Dennis in thought8
11Alan G Edwards LRPS, BPE1The Grip8.5
11Alan G Edwards LRPS, BPE1Money Back8
11Peter Ellis ARPS, AFIAP, BPE1The Chicken Seller9.5
11Peter Ellis ARPS, AFIAP, BPE1Suspicion8.5
13John Howes Botallack Mines10
13George Atkins Brimstone Butterfly7.5
13Keith Sawyer Mind Games10Very HC
13Ann McDonald Crested Hawk Eagle10
13Sheila Tester The Selfridge Building7
13Stephen Tattersall Majestic Gull8.5
13Frank Adams The Fishing Boat8
13Paul Williams Zara9.5
14Mike Pollitt ARPSWhite Satin Moth7
14Phil smith ADPS (1) Aranus Diadematus8.5
14Brian Chivers LRPS, LDPSBee7
14Ray Bridges LRPS, CPAGBLeaping Puma10Very HC
14Roy Hodgkiss ARPS DPAGB (1) Oysercatcher & Chick10
14Brian Adam Pink lady7.5
14Peter Carr (1) Zebra & Foal7.5
14Ray Bridges LRPS, CPAGBAmur Tiger7.5
15Janet Barton Dancing Snowdrops10
15Joe Bogar Defiance10Second
15Peter Downer Fairground Ride7
15Duncan Lawler Follow My Leader7
15Richard Dudfield New Zealand Golden Moment7.5
15Tim Gibson-Ford Racing8
15David Barton Whispering Sands7
15Tim Gibson-Ford WW1 Officer8.5
16Wendy Collens, DPAGB, BPE2Gargoyle Gecko9.5
16Kathryn Graham Jumping for Joy7.5
16Terry Redman Dancing to the reflections of Seattle7.5
16Terry Redman Bee Eater Encounter10
16Colin Price Male and Female Common Blue Butterflies9.5
16Lesley Taylor Geranium Pheum9.5
16David Cary, DPAGBBearded Tit in Reed Bed8
16Kathryn Graham Pink Refractions7.5
18Mike Whatmore AFIAP, BPE1Lion on kill8
18David Fletcher LRPSTriangles1
18Gemma Burden Gracie8.5
18Terry Turner Floral Ballerina8
18Sue Veal Lift Off7
18Graham House Freddie Knoller, 94, Holocaust Survivor7.5
18Alan Folder Bearded tit feating om reedhead8
18Mike Whatmore AFIAPSouthern Carmine Bee-eater10
19Ian Clarke LRPS, CPAGBConclave8.5
19Barabara Holder CPAGBDawn in Africa7
19Malcolm Sowdon DPAGBGold8.5
19John Ring CPAGBLifestyle8
19Linda Collins Moonflower7.5
19Malcolm Sowdon DPAGBMusic Maker10
19Ian Clarke LRPS, CPAGBReflected Toad7.5
19Jeff Hughes Refraction7.5
22Rebecca Hitchcock Fox On Frosty Morning8.5
22Max Law Bradgate Deer7
22Caroline Broom Then He Kissed Me7.5
22Pat Mitchell Underground St Pancras8
22Gordon Fox Whats Yours Like8
22Steve Frost Itchen Stoke Altar7.5
22John Bogle Wheatear7.5
22David Easton Pagan Drummer7
23Chris Barrett Corfe Vale in the Mist9
23Gary Kenmir CPAGBBlack Rock Cottages7.5
23John Watkins Tower Street8.5
23Carol Johnstone In the Shadows9
23Sue Watts Private Shop7.5
23Philip Acland Flowing Water8.5
23Steve Parry Close Encounter7
23Chris Barrett Autumn Crocus9.5
24Nicky Pascoe ARPSSpotlight through the Clouds9
24Ian Francis ARPS, DPAGBThe Goat Herder8.5
24Ian Francis ARPS, DPAGBWaking at First Light7
24Frank Leavesly Forest Awakening8.5
24Graham Wiffen Sleepy Sygnets8
24Christine Sinclair Marine Lake Causeway7.5
24Carol Toms ARPSHurst Point Fog at Sunrise7.5
24Phil Beard CPAGBCastle View9
25Brian Lycett Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tampa7.5
25Carol Veitch Catch Of The Day9.5
25David Morton Inquisitive By Nature7.5
25Diane Stoner Schooner Sailing Into Stockholm7.5
25Joe Shimbart Winter Sun Down Hayling7
25Neil Clifton Dragon Fly8
25Patricia Beeching Smiles7.5
25Richard Veitch Greenbacked Heron Treat8
30David Blaikie ARPSCanalside Buildings8
30Kieth Barnett ARPSFollowing The Racing Line8
30James Fox ARPSBalloon and Barge7
30Richard Scourfield ARPSThe Boxer9
30Ross Underwood ARPS'There may be trouble ahead'8
30Linda Priestley ARPSCrested Tit8
30Phill Beale ARPSAbandoned8
30Richard Cole ARPSParty's Over8
32Louis Rumis MPAGB, AFIAPGreat White Egret Feeding10
32Rebecca Rickaby The bowels of the dry dock8
32Mark Lanigan LRPSFestival Faces8
32Maria Leekblade And then I got wet7.5
32Keith Prior Love You7.5
32Phil Beard CPAGBSnowdonia9.5
32Elaine Adkins Nest-building Practice7
32Dave Marsh Auschwitz watch tower7.5
36Chris Buckland Coral Poppy-37
36Doug Robertson Bowl7.5
36Doug Robertson Pavement7
36Mick Snaith LRPSSweet Pea Posey7.5
36Ray Hems LRPSDiving Osprey8.5
36Ray Hems LRPSMonkey bath10
36Richard Pike LRPSGiddyup7
36Shelley Craven Diving for 38
37Colin McIlroy Kingfisher Stretching8.5
37Fergus Cowhig Least Tern with Fish10
37Jo Evans Ladybird8.5
37Les Stride Male Orange Tip9.5
37Mick Parminter Masai Village7.5
37Tim Bayliss Blending In7.5
37Gary Armour Facets of Reflections7.5
37Sarah Penfold Into The Sky9.5
38Shani Watts Kayaks7
38Paul Bradley AcrosstheParve7.5
38Malcolm Young CrossedForks7.5
38Paul Bradley Field Chat6.5
38Mike Cooper Red Eye6.5
38Chris Cornford Sailing9
38Mike Cooper Summer Event7
38Barb Close Yarning on the Farm7.5
40Jenny Harding Sport Centre Kiosk6.5
40Kevin Ramsell Window7
40Niall Tyler Engines7
40Roger Beauchamp P Ever decreasing squares7.5
40Chris Thorne Wakehurst7
40Ian Miller Sunrise over Venice6.5
40Mike Stacey LRPSWall with beams 27
40Jenny Harding Loch Leven7
41Allison Baker Waterfall8
41John Simpson Lonely Walk8
41Pauline Oliver CPAGBWhipheads10
41Alan Willis Snowy Owl in Flight9
41Andy Mewes Coffee7
41Meg Causon Calm before the Storm7
41Darren Finch Falling Apart9.5
41Philip Young Close Racing9
42Carolyn Farren (1) Winter into Spring8
42Gerry Smith Local Pinups7.5
42 Jwigley FrontSeat7.5
42 Noelthomson Room for one more7.5
42Pauline Thornhill Hummingbird At Turk's Cap9.5
42Rog Pendell The Dark Side of the Wing7
42Sara Schutz Palau de les Arts9
42 Vnash Heir of the Dog7.5
43Nina Terry Boats in a Cave6.5
43Nina Terry Going up in the World7
43Scott Chappell Birdsong10First
43Chris Thorpe Eye Bridge Meadow6.5
43Shirley Phillips Hanging Around7
43Elizabeth Rogers Japanese Anemone7.5
43Greg Phillips At the waterhole8.5
43Scott Chappell The Lonely Journey Home10
46Angela Morgan Strodgemoor Bottom7.5
46Ann Aveyard LRPSMoonlight Reflections8.5
46Ann Aveyard LRPSPeter7.5
46Ann Cole I Think it's Leaving Off10
46Mike Hawley Spare a dime10
46Mike Richards Avon Water7.5
46Richard Soley Moody Blues Live7
46Trevor Wood ARPSChloe7.5
47Sarah Shelley LRPSCPAGBIts Bananas7
47Richard Ramsay CPAGBTurnstone7.5
47Tony Oliver ARPSCPAGBBPE1Salisbury Cathedral Misty Morning8.5
47Marina Hauer On the horizon8.5
47Peter Read DPAGBLRPSSocialising at the pub10Third
47Tony O'Reilly Grebe Feeding6.5
47Mandy Herridge Newcastle Train Station8.5
47Philip Pleass Freestyle Moto X10
51Pete Whieldon Bear Cubs Playing in Alaska10
51Ian Hutchinson Hornet Robberfly10
51Maurice Pugh Mating Common Blues10
51Henry Szwinto Happy8.5
51Marcin Ciesielski Sparkling Laughter8.5
51Alan Thompson Optical Illusions, Salo Cathedral8
51Henry Szwinto Paddy7
51Maria Leekblade Fallen Lantern9.5
54David Sherwill Jigsaw7
54Dave Patterson Back of a Rose7.5
54David Simpson Proud Dad7
54Dorothy Wood Thoughts of the past8.5
54Dorothy Wood Night Flight7.5
54Graham Wooton Beach Huts7.5
54Richard Keating 5 bar gate7
54Richard Keating formal garden6.5
59Chris Hammond Wooden crossing8.5
59Chris Maidens Happy days8.5
59Harry Borgerson Mottisfont infra red7.5
59Heath Gough-Holt The waiter7.5
59Ian Ross Sensory 35827.5
59Lynn Lambeth The sweeper8.5
59Malcolm Richardson Bottle shadows8
59Malcolm Richardson Tulip bulbs8
61Anne Ruffell Sunsets Children - Rajasthan8
61Anne Ruffell Colours of the Colonnades8.5
61Gordon Brown Kingfisher's lunch7.5
61Roger Clark KILLERS!7
61Tony Smith Under the Chevy in Havana9.5
61Eric Blake Reflections in the Bean Chicago8
61David McKibbin Missing Her8.5
61Peter Orr Bluebells and beeches6
64Martin Pickles Beached Fishing Boat9
64Dawn Evans Head for Home8
64David Hughes Minus Ten8
64Brian Burden LRPSModern Art7
64Emma Ramskill Spisal9
64Wayne Richards The Passerby7.5
64Martin Pickles Vintage Beach Scene8.5
64Glynis Jodrell White Chrysanthemum10
66Ian Winstanley Common Darter7.5
66Paul Harknett LRPSHappy Smile7.5
66Roger Sims APAGBMorning Coastline7.5
66Colin Batt Wild Goose Chase7.5
66Ian Winstanley Melancholy Stare7.5
66Roger Tribble Shard In Glass7.5
66Martin Rickard Northern Tree Shrew8.5
66Jim Denham Sailing7.5
67Rick Roberts Balancing Act8
67Margaret Martin Early morning near Vik7.5
67Claude Kensett Amaryllis8.5
67Alastair Lofthouse Energy Saving Light Bulb8
67Mary Payne Scots Castle in the Mist8
67Mark Rees Birds through the rainbow8
67Alan West May Day Parade7.5
67Derek Trendell ARPSPuffin off Skokholm8
Print No 186 .1st    “New Forest”  by Chris Maidens of View finders of  Romsey received 28.votes
Print No 117   2nd   “Willett Dips a Wing” by Fergus Cowhig of New Forest CC received 22 votes  
Print No  47    3rd   “Trevose Lighthouse” by George Atkins of Chichester CC received 17 votes
The winning entry form 22 votes received.
Drawn by the President from the hat was Patrica Lock  of Hayling Island  wins the £20 prize.