The PAGB Distinctions are only open to members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB via their local Federation. Applicants should obtain an Application form from the SCPF Awards Officer (by sending an SAE to address below) and will be required to demonstrate to the Federation that they have actively supported their club(s), and/or the Federation. The required method is for the applicant to supply a letter from an official of their club(s) (on Club headed paper) verifying the details as shown below for the respective level of Distinction sought. Confirmation should be forwarded to the SCPF Awards officer when submitting your Application form and Fee who will then complete the Certificate of Qualification.

The Federation does not require you to prove the standard of your work – this is done by the PAGB at the adjudication day based on the images that you submit for consideration.
Where possible it is recommended the applicant attend an adjudication day prior to making their own submission, so that they can understand the level at which they will be judged – particularly those seeking DPAGB and MPAGB status.

Applicants are also recommended to visit some of the many Club Exhibitions held throughout the Southern Counties Federation area each year. Many of them are National events which attract entries from throughout the UK and will give a prospective applicant an idea of the standard of work being produced in other Federations – and other clubs within our own boundaries.

The Federation Requirements at each level are:-

Credit Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (CPAGB) Standard Required: Good Club Photography

This is the most important of the three levels of Award and is designed specifically to recognise the “Good Club Photographer”. If you consistently do well in your own Club, or if your work is selected for inter-club and SCPF competitions, you probably qualify to enter for this award. All we need is evidence from your Club(s) that you have actively supported them with a good, consistent standard of work for at least two years.

Distinction Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB) Standard Required: National (Open) Exhibition

You can enter for this level without passing through the CPAGB stage (although this could be the route to take to avoid disappointment). If you have not entered and had acceptances in National Exhibitions (e.g. Basingstoke, Havant, Guernsey, Winchester) you are strongly recommended to enter as this will be the level at which your work will be assessed though it is not essential that you do so. Details of National Exhibitions are available from SCPF Council.

You will be required to show that you have supported your Club(s) for at least three years to apply to enter at this level.

Master Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB) Standard Required: International Exhibition

You must have held the DPAGB for at least eleven months before applying at this level.
This standard is the very best in UK photography You will be aware this is a quantum leap and the assessors of your work will be looking for images that have not only been accepted in International Exhibitions but have won awards. You will be required to demonstrate support for your Club(s) over a minimum period of five years. Details of International Exhibitions (eg Southampton International) are available from SCPF Council.
NB. Each application will be treated on its merits. In very exceptional circumstances only, the SCPF Council reserve the right to modify or waive any of the above criteria if it is thought the application merits special consideration.

SCPF Awards Officer: Leo Rich ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/g 81 Hilltop Way, Salisbury SP1 3QQ Rev November 2015

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SCPF Awards for Photographic Merit requirements May 2018