SCPF Level 1 Appraisal Workshop 2016

SCPF is always looking for new judges to come into the club community, and we are running another Level 1 training workshop on 27th November and 4th December 2016.

Note: this is now a practical two-day workshop and provides the most comprehensive training available for prospective club judges. It is the first step on the road to becoming an accredited judge.

The course is not about what does or does not make a good photograph. The main aim is to teach you to speak intelligently to an audience about photography, and to give quality feedback to the photographers whose work you are appraising.

There are no entry requirements except that you are a member of an SCPF club and an established photographer. Distinctions are not necessary, but you should feel confident in your own ability as a photographer and have a good feel for and understanding of club competitions.


  • To learn the Core Qualities of an appraiser
  • To understand the role of an appraiser
  • To understand the key elements of an appraisal and of giving feedback
  • To develop presentation skills, especially speaking and body language
  • To discuss and practise marking
  • To be aware of organisation and self-management
  • To be aware of the judging accreditation process and expenses scheme

The first day will be held at Littleton near Winchester and the second at Overton. There are max nine places available.

Please send the booking form either by email (judging@) or by post to the address indicated by October 31st latest. More detail about timing and programme will be issued then.

Whilst there are no obligations, this course is aimed at photographers who are looking to judge on the club circuit in our region. In view of the limited places, please consider this carefully before booking. If you are looking to understand more about how judging works, we are able to arrange overview sessions for your club or for small groups who are interested.

Best regards
… Ken Scott ARPS
Judging Advisor


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