Roll of Honour

The SCPF Roll of Honour award is granted to a Club Member who has served ten years or more, given loyal service to the Club with committee work, the general running of photography within the Club, as a judge or lecturer, or through service on the Council of the Federation.

Is anyone from your club deserving of this award? See the nomination process.

We hope this will be a means of thanking and showing our appreciation to those who have consistently worked hard for the life of club photography. If successful, the award is usually presented at your club night.

Nomination Process

Please complete the Nomination Form and return it to the Roll of Honour Secretary along with a written description of the work the nominee has accomplished together with the name of two other referees.

Please note that confidentiality should be maintained and at no time must a nomination be discussed with anyone other than the Nominator and referees.

All Roll of Honour enquiries should be addressed to

The Roll of Honour

Mr. Robin Millard Guernsey P.C. 1 February, 2004
Mr. Roger Sims. Woolston C.C. 1 February, 2004
Mrs.Sheila Brough. Hayling Island C.C. 1 February, 2004
Mr.Richard Temlett. Salisbury C.C. 1 February, 2004
Mr. Keith Polwin.Basingstoke.C.C.1 February, 2004
Mrs. Elizabeth Whitemore.,CPAGB. Viewfinders of Romsey CC 1 May, 2004
Mrs. Janice Mansfield.Southampton CC 1 May, 2004
Mr. Thomas James Mansfield. ARPS Southampton CC 1 May, 2004
M. Bob Elliott, FRPS.,EFIAP. Southampton CC. 1 May, 2004
Mr. Lawrence R.D.JenkinsSouthampton CC.1 May, 2004
Mr. Jim Gaines.Farnborough CC.1 September, 2005
Mr. Ron Fowler. .Farnborough CC.1 September, 2005
Mr. David Taylor, ARPS. Winchester PS. 20th. September, 2005
Mr.Maurice Pugh. Southampton CC 14th. November, 2005
Mr.Anthony Cook. Southampton CC 12th.December, 2005
Mr.Ted Moore Gems PS.25th.November. 2005
Mrs. Pat VergeFormer Solent Handicap CC now Woolston CC11th.January. 2006
Mr.Richard White Porchester & Fareham CC 4th.April. 2006
Mr. Ron Holmes Wimborne CC. 10th.April. 2006
Mr.Jim IrvingNewbury CC.27th.April 2006
Mr. Reg Ricketts. Horndean CC. 31st. May 2006
Mrs.Doris GrimleyBournemouth PS26th.June 2006
Mr. Louis Rumis.ARPS.MPAGBHighcliffe & Infinity CC17th.October 2006
Mr.Steve Frost.Havant CC.31st.October. 2006
Mr.Tristram Reed Newdig CC.17th. November. 2006
Mrs.Gillian Birbeck.CPAGBBasingstoke CC19th.January. 2007
Mr. Brian Le Cornu,LRPS Jersey PC16th. April. 2007
Mr.John Philpott.MBE.,FRPS.Ordnance Survey PS16th.May. 2007
Mrs. Anne Mahany. CPAGB Fordingbridge CC 13th.June. 2007
Mrs. Doreen Bethel Southampton CC 10th. December 2007
Mr.Nigel Plant. LRPS. Southampton CC 10th. December 2007
Mr.lan Bigg, LRPS,CPAGB. Highcliffe & Infinity CC 4th.January. 2008.
Mrs.Sheila Read, FRPS.Salisbury CC4th. January. 2008
Mr.Peter Read. LRPS,DPAGB.Salisbury CC4th. January. 2008
Mr. Pat Ball.Viewfinders of Romsey CC.8th.January. 2008
Mr.Frank Goatcher,CPAGB Hayling Island CC10th.March. 2008
Mr. Don Bradshaw Overton PC2nd May 2008
Mrs.Lynn LambethViewfinders of Romsey CC16th.May 2008
Mr. Roy Lambeth,CPAGB., Viewfinders of Romsey CC16th.May 2008
Mr.Glyn Edmunds,ARPS.,DPAGB,EFIAP/sSouthampton CC21st.July 2008
Mr.lain McGowan FRPS.Chichester CC15th.August 2008
Dr.Brian Most FRPS,Havant CC30th.Sept. 2008
Mr. David Goble LRPS.Havant CC30th.Sept. 2008
Mr.Philip George.Winchester PS21st.Oct. 2008
Mrs.Jennie PearsonAlton CC20th.Feb. 2009
Mr. David KesselSouthampton CC27th.April 2009
Mrs.Maureen Toft,MPAGB.,EFIAP/sOrdnance Survey PS5th.May 2009
Mr. David Toft MPAGB.,BPE/* Ordnance Survey PS5th.May. 2009
Mr.Martin Buckley CPAGB Ordnance Survey PS.Ordnance Survey PS5th.May. 2009
Mr.Mike Stacey Ordnance Survey PS.Ordnance Survey PS5th.May 2009
Miss Mary Taylor Overton P.C.8th.May 2009
Mr.Allan Croombs Overton P.C.Overton P.C.8th.May. 2009
Mr.Geoffrey Kelland Andover Split Image PS15th.Sept. 2009
Mr.Peter Colligan LRPS.Havant CC27th.Oct. 2009
Mr.Philip Green, DPAGB.,Southampton CC.30th.Nov. 2009
Mr.Peter M.Clare.North Hants. PS5th March 2010
Mr.Michael Gilbert North Hants PS.5th.March 2010
Miss Jean Brooks. EFIAP Havant CC13th.April 2010
Mrs.Rose Snape. Salisbury CC.26th.April. 2010
Mr.Michael Jenkins.Poole CC.27th.April 2010
Mr. David Tanner Overton PC21st.May 2010
Mr. Richard Cann Overton PC21st.May 2010
Mr. David Isaacs Overton PC21st. May 2010
Mr.John Hodge Overton PC21st.May 2010
Mr.Norrie Phillips DPAGB.Highcliffe & Infinity CC15th. Sept.2010
Mr. Francis Spooner ARPSYateley CC22nd. Sept.2010
Mr. Eric BennettAlton CC14th.Jan. 2011
Mrs.Wyn Voysey,ARPSNorth Hants PS15th.April. 2011
Mr. Keith Smith Wimborne CC18th.April 2011
Mr.Keith Biggs, DPAGB.Overton PC6th.May 2011
Mr. Keith Buckingham Hayling Island CC16th.May 2011
Mrs. Pam LoftWokingham & East berks CC9th.June 2011
Mrs.Sue DunhamBeaulieu CG6th.July 2011
Mr.Alan CookeBeaulieu CG6th.July 2011
Mrs Carol Wiles ARPSWimborne CC26th.Sept.2011
Mr, Norman Wiles LRPSWimborne CC26th Sept. 2011
Mr.Mark 0' Leary North Hants. PS25th Nov. 2011
Mr. Roger Holman ARPSWimborne CC28th Nov. 2011
Mr John RandallAndover Split Image PS8th Dec. 2011
Mr.Mike HansenAndover Split Image PS8th.Dec. 2011
Mr.Terry RedmanFarnborough CC19th.Jan. 2012
Mr.Geoffrey KellandAndover Split Image PS14h.Feb. 2012
Mr. Chris ThorpePoole CC24th.April 2012
Mr. John Gowen CPAGB Havant CC24th.April 2012
Mr. Jeff ThatcherHavant CC24th.April 2012
Mr. Andy MewesOverton PC18th.May 2012
Ann McDonald ARPS,DPAGBChichester CC10th Aug. 2012
Pete Bamforth ARPS Chichester CC10th Aug. 2012
Barbara SpibeyBournemouth PS5th Nov 2012
Gordon Hawkins Bournemouth PS5th Nov 2012
Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBWinchester PS5th.Jan 2013
Caroline Colegate ARPSBracknell CC7th March 2013
Charles Minchell Bracknell CC7th March 2013
Brian Steptoe FRPS Bracknell CC14th March 2013
John Childs ARPS Farnborough CC23rd April 2013
Sue Teagle CPAGB Overton PC14th Feb 2014
Robert Newcombe Focus-Ryde Imaging Group23rd April 2914
Terence Jamieson CPAGB Viewfinders of Romsey CC3th Sept 2014
Ron Gafney LRPS BPE2* PSA2Bracknell CC18th Dec 2014
Ruari Cumming ARPSBracknell CC18th Dec 2014
Chris Bradley CPAGBBracknell CC18th Dec 2014
Debbie Bradley LRPS DPAGBBracknell CC18th Dec 2014
Peter Rocchiccioli ARPS BA (Hon) AFIAP Chichester CC22nd Jan 2015
Mike FarrowBasingstoke CC22nd Jan 2015
Cath Farrow Basingstoke CC22nd Jan 2015
Gordon Gentles ARPSHavant CC5th. May 2015
Anne StreeterFormerly Alton CC11th May 2015
Peter Locke New Forest CC3rd.Sept 2015
Barbara Lambert CPAGBWinchester PS12th.Jan. 2016
Jean RussellViewfinders of Romsey16th Feb.2016
George MarshViewfinders of Romsey16th Feb 2016
Peter MalcolmBasingstoke CC24th Mar 2016
Jeanne Bevis LRPSChichester CC5th May 2016
Steve Woolcock Horndean CC18th May 2016
Damian Morris DPAGB AFIAP LRPS BPE1* Overton PC20th May 2016
Bill FloodLocksheath & Sarisbury CC20th May 2016
Virginia Langer LRPS DipHEOverton CC25th Nov. 2016
George Walsh APAGBWinchester PS5th Dec. 2016
Barbara HolderGosport CC5th Dec. 2016
Stephen KirkbyAlton CC6th Feb. 2017
Leslie PowellWoolston CC30th March 2017
Val GoldsworthyFareham & Portchester CC18th October 2017
Sheila Tester DPAGBChichester CC13th February 2018
Nigel NorrisBasingstoke CC13th February 2018
Basil Groundsell DPAGBFarnborough CC26th March 2018
Wendy Collens DPAGB BPE2*Farnborough CC26th March 2018
Brian Wills Honorary Award26th March 2018
Chris Neill-Griffin ARPS BA (hons) MFAHonorary Award26th March 2018
John Wigley CPAGBPetersfield P.S.29th June 2018
Graham WallsChichester CC17th October 2018
Fred KellyReading C.C.17th October 2018
David CharltonAndover C.C.17th October 2018
Ernie Loft LRPSYateley C.C.17th October 2018