The PAGB has been somewhat lacking with regard FIAP Youth Biennials, mainly due to the difficulty in finding suitable photographers. In order to correct this situation, we are looking for young photographers who may be willing to submit their images for the PAGB to consider using in FIAP Youth Biennials, both Print and DPI. There is no need to submit images at the present moment as selection for the next Biennial is not yet underway.

Howard Tate (vice president of the PAGB) looking for Young Photographers in two categories, up to and including 16 years of age and up to and including, 21 years of age in the year 2018. The level of competence in the photographers that we are looking for should be up to the standard found on pages 14 to 24 in this document which is a report covering the last Youth Print Biennial held in 2016.

If you have members in your club who meet these criteria, he would be obliged if you could ask them to contact him directly via email ( There will be no obligation as at the present moment the PAGB are merely looking to identify and communicate with suitable candidates. This is a great opportunity for any young photographers within your club to show their talents on an International platform.