The SCPF Judges’ Conference will be held on Sunday 2nd September at Overton Community Centre, 5 High St, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HB

Time: 9:30 – 4:30pm but subject to final confirmation

This event is intended for the sharing of judging experiences and practice for all judges in the SCPF. Please would judges indicate your attendance or not by replying to the invitation email by 22nd August. This is important as we don’t have quite the capacity at Overton as we do at other venues. Some of you have already confirmed, so I will take those as read unless I hear from you to the contrary.

We believe that investing in our continuing development is vital, and we look forward to a stimulating day.

Refreshments will be served through the day but please come with your own packed lunch.

Please also bring with you 3-4 prints (which you do not mind having shared around) for discussion during the day – see below for the types we are looking for. We may not use all or any.

We will also need a couple of print easels. If any of you is able to bring one from your club, please let me know.

Outline Timetable

09:30 – Arrival Refreshments and Networking

10:00 – Morning introduction and Keynote
Intro to the day / Presentation
– Feedback on Feedback
– Introduction to Issues

11:00 – Refreshments

11:15 – Discussion Groups
See over.

12:15 – Plenary Feedback
Feedback from the discussion groups

1:00 – Lunch

1:30 – Responding to images
Plenary practice:
1. What can we learn from Old Masters and Commercial photography?
2. The 8.5 Problem

3:00 – Refreshments

3:30 – Q&A panel
General discussion

4:30 – Close

Discussion Topics

The following topics have come up recently in communication with you and within our Judging team.

  • Marking, incoherence and the 8/8.5 problem;
    The common issue where there is nothing wrong with an image (technically) so it gets talked up and then faults are sought so as to justify a middling mark;
  • Comparing genres;
    e.g. landscape vs nature vs street vs… ;
  • Workshop Images;
    Images produced in workshops: i.e. under highly controlled or tutored conditions in the field or in clubs. How do we respond to these? What are clubs’ attitudes?
  • Value or Difficulty;
    How should we consider the value or interest of an image (e.g. for nature an image in the wild versus captive, or rare versus common), or the inherent beauty of the subject – an image of something marvellous versus a marvellous image of something ordinary.
  • Holdbacks;
    Inconsistent approach to holdbacks, especially with PDI.
    Should we have a consistent approach? What approaches are there? What benefits does holding back bring?

Please think about these topics in advance. On the morning, we will probably ask you to complete a vote for the most popular / important topics, so that we can allocate the time accordingly.

If you have any burning issues you would like to see covered, please let me know with your return confirmation.

Images Required:

To allow us to discuss these topics, we will need a variety of prints on these subjects:

  • Landscape
  • Pictorial Nature
  • Record Nature
  • Street
  • Contemporary / Abstract
  • Digital Art

Also, any images which fall into one of these criteria and has been misunderstood, or marked on several occasions with wide variance.

Looking forward to a stimulating and interesting day.

… Ken Scott
Judging Advisor