GDPR and Judges’ Data

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Dear Judges

Nobody will have escaped awareness of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018. We are no different to any other organisation in our need to comply with GDPR, and the purpose of this note is to explain to you what data we hold, why we hold it and what your rights are in respect to that data.

Our Interest

In order to administer our judging process and to maintain a directory of judges for clubs benefit, we have a legitimate interest in holding certain personal data.


This Privacy statement relates solely to personal data held in relation to your listing with SCPF as a Judge. A general privacy statement will be available from the SCPF website.

The data we hold – Judging Directory

In order to maintain our directory, we hold the following data, which is provided by you:

Name, postal address, email and telephone contacts, distinctions

The purpose of the directory is to enable clubs to contact you, and the directory is available to member clubs in SCPF by way of a password-protected document from the SCPF website.

The data we hold – Feedback / Performance Data

In order to help you to be aware of how you are doing with your judging, and for us to monitor and improve judging standards, we operate a feedback process. Clubs that you visit may compile and send us feedback about your performance.

Feedback comprises your name only, alongside club details, performance scores and a text comment.

Feedback forms are stored securely by the Judging Advisor and shared only with you and, where necessary to support upgrades or to consider performance issues raised by clubs, with other members of the Judging Advisory Team.

To support requests for upgrade, scores (not text comments) are transposed to a single summary spreadsheet. This sheet may be shared additionally with SCPF Council, but only for this purpose or to consider performance issues.

To monitor trends, unattributed text comments are analysed from time to time. This analysis contains no personal data.

Where else your data is shared

The directory is not made available currently to anyone outside of the SCPF membership  for any purpose, including to other Federations. However, we are considering changes to the way the Directory is presented. You will be contacted separately about this.

PAGB Handbook

Your directory entry, if you are at Level 2 or Level 3 and with your consent, is also listed in the PAGB Handbook, a printed directory published every two years. PAGB has its own GDPR Policy:


Clubs and individuals who have access to the directory may also keep their own records and are obliged to maintain their own policies.
Please note: We are at present seeking clarification on the GDPR responsibility that clubs have in relation to performance monitoring, since it is they who compile and send the data to SCPF. We will advise if there is any change to the current situation.

Your Rights to Access

You may at any time request access to all data we hold about you in relation to judging.

Data Controller

The data outlined in this statement, as relates to judging only, is controlled by the Judging Advisor and may be processed additionally by members of the judging advisory team.

What to do next

If you are happy to stay listed as a judge with SCPF, then you need do nothing more.

Your consent for SCPF to hold your data as outlined is deemed to be given by your agreement to be listed as judge. We will periodically review your consent.

Otherwise, please contact the Judging Advisor in writing.


You may contact the judging advisor at any time if you have questions about your personal data.

Ken Scott ARPS –

The other members of the Judging Advisory Team are Caroline Colegate, Glyn Edmunds, Roy Lambeth and Tony Oliver

September 2018