SCPF Judging Seminar for Clubs

Date: 3rd February 2019
Venue: Littleton Memorial Hall
Time: 10am – 5pm (arrival from 9:30)

SCPF would like to invite up to two people from your club to a Judging Seminar on 3rd February 2019. It is aimed at club Chairpersons and Competition Secretaries in particular, but anyone interested may attend.

As you may know, SCPF provides training for the photography judges who visit clubs in our region for competitions. Judging, along with competition itself, is probably the most talked about topic in the clubs. Whilst we have invested a lot of time and energy, for training purposes, in understanding what clubs and photographers like or don’t like when it comes to appraising images, there is always room for dialogue.

So this seminar has several purposes:

  • To enable us to share, with examples, the methodology we use in training
  • To enable us to hear from you what you feel the issues are around judging and competition
  • To enable you as photographers to understand how judging works

Hopefully this will engender a greater appreciation and understanding all round of what judging is about. The day will consist of discussion, presentation and some practical exercises using images. There will also be the opportunity, for those who wish, to try it in a safe environment.

There will be no charge, and refreshments will be provided, but we would ask that you bring your own lunches.

Please would you indicate your interest and names of interested attendees to the Judging Advisor – by December 31st, and we will then issue full joining instructions.

With best regards

… Ken Scott
Judging Advisor