Our 2018 Judging Training completed successfully, resulting in ten new trainees. Congratulations all on a very successful couple of days.

We welcome all opportunities clubs can provide for new judges to practice – doing it for real is the only way to develop the skills and confidence. All we ask is that:

  1. if you do book a new Level 1 judge, please do let me know in all cases so that a mentor can be arranged – judging@
  2. please always provide feedback for Level 1 judges https://southerncountiespf.org.uk/judging/judging-providing-feedback/

Our new judges are:

  • Ashley Francis – Fordingbridge CC
  • Dr. Paul Hendley LRPS – Bracknell CC
  • Jason Hyde CPAGB – Overton CC
  • Mark Lanigan LRPS – Lymington CC
  • Maria Leekblade LRPS AFIAP DPAGB – Lymigton CC
  • Daan Olivier FRPS, AFIAP – Bracknell CC
  • Jim Owers – Sandown and Shanklin CC
  • Trevor Prince – Wimborne CC
  • Carl Reeve LMPA – Locks Heath and Sarisbury CC
  • Louis Rumis  MPAGB EFIAP – Lymington CC

Please join me in wishing them all the best in their endeavour on your behalf.
Contact details are available in the normal way through the directory – https://southerncountiespf.org.uk/directory/

My thanks to the tutor team – Caroline Colegate, Glyn Edmunds, Roy Lambeth, Tony Oliver and Rob de Ruiter, and to Anne Eckersley for help with refreshments.

Ken Scott
Judging Advisor
January 2019