Public Liability Insurance (PIL)

As a member of the PAGB, the Federation is able to assist in the provision of Public Liability Insurance. A Policy is available providing public liability cover to member clubs, and each club member, against liability in law for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses in respect of:

  • Accidental injury to any person.
  • Accidental damage to property.

The policy is endorsed to note the following two extensions:

  • Member-to-member liability
  • Members engaged in group or individual club activity.

The policy is endorsed to note the following exclusion:

This policy will give cover from 1st February of one year to 31st January of the next. The Brokers are:
20 Mount Ephraim Road

Tel: 01892 511144

Costings for the PIL (with a limit of indemnity of £5M) are as follows:

  • 0-25 members -> £32.40
  • 26-50 members -> £46.81
  • 51-75 members -> £58.51
  • 76-100 members -> £77.48
  • 100+ members -> £99.77
  • Federations -> £38.29

The brokers state that all clubs/Societies who take cover under this PAGB Public Liability Insurance Policy (Policy No RKK 500595) should note that in the event of it being necessary for a club to sign any undertaking in respect of various locations, a copy of that undertaking should be forwarded for approval by the insurers prior to signing. This is necessary to ensure full protection.

In the event of writing to the brokers, please send a copy of the correspondence to the treasurer.

Club Record Keeping

Statement by the PAGB:
You will be aware that part of the PAGB Liability Scheme is that member clubs should provide their Federation Treasurer with a copy of the Syllabus. Darwin Clayton (UK) Ltd have been in discussion with the Royal and Sun Alliance and it has been agreed that the requirement will now be for clubs to hold this information themselves for a minimum period of 3 years, however, our brokers suggest that 5 years would be more prudent. This may be in the form of a syllabus, if possible, or as an extra addendum/note or even recorded in the minutes of your committee meetings. The point is that you have a record of the activity and it was approved by your society.

Statement by SCPF (additional Event notification):
The Southern Counties Photographic Photographic Federation advice (i.e not a legal requirement), is that where an event is added to the published programme, then it is recommended that the Club should advise Darwin Clayton of the Event.

To clarify the situation, it is no longer a requirement for Clubs to send their Events Programme to SCPF and there continues to be no need to send a Club’s Events programme to Darwin Clayton either. The onus is now with Clubs to maintain historic records (3-5 yrs) of their planned events and additional events by publication within their Programme and e.g. appropriate Committee minutes.

SCPF does not claim to provide expertise or specific advice regarding Public Liability Insurance, therefore, any questions concerning this PAGB Insurance should be sent directly to Darwin Clayton. if appropriate, and for the purpose of sharing with our Member Clubs, such questions and any answers (received from Darwin Clayton), should be copied to the SCPF Treasurer.