One often asked question by club members is “What is the PAGB and what does it do?” This is a brief synopsis of their role in club photography. The SCPF is one of fifteen Federations throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland who have united to act as a single body representing camera clubs and to establish consensus concerning all issues relating to our hobby. Currently there are approx. one thousand member clubs with and estimated 30/40000 members. It is difficult to be more precise as some photographers are members of more than one club, not always in the same Federation.

Each Federation appoints one member of their committee to sit on the PAGB Executive which meets three times a year to resolve any issues and to plan events etc. Federations are also able to send representatives to the PAGB AGM normally held in April each year. The PAGB is one of around 200 National members of FIAP (Federation Internationale d l’Art Photographique) who look after the interest of photographers throughout the World. As well as acting as an Administrative body, advising on issues such as admission of minors to clubs, projection standards etc) the PAGB also organises Competitions and Exhibitions on a National level for both Federations and Clubs to enter which re extremely popular. Many Federations organise their own competitions to select clubs and individuals whose work will be chosen to represent them in these events. (eg PAGB Inter Club PDI championships, and Print Championships) It also operates a Patronage scheme for National Exhibitions (two local examples being Basingstoke and Guernsey Salons) to ensure they are run to an agreed, and high, standard also providing medals and ribbons for the winning entrants.

Another valuable service provided for both clubs and individual club members, is access to various insurances via links with Insurance Brokers Darwin Clayton who are able to tailor cover to meet specific needs – essential in today’s increasing litigious environment. For the individual club member perhaps the most attractive service is the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) Introduced in the 1990’s it provides an opportunity for them to assess their own photographic ability against proven standards at three levels – Credit, Distinction and Master PAGB and to use the letters after their name. Details of the scheme and how to apply are shown separately. The adjudications are normally held twice a year and hosted by a different Federation on a rota basis. The PAGB also run Workshops, in conjunction with member Federations, so that club members can have their work informally assessed prior to actually taking part in an Adjudication.