Minutes of No 200 SCPF Club Representatives’ Meeting/AGM
10 May 2015 at Littleton Memorial Hall, The Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QL


John Hodge (President), Eric Bennett, George Walsh, Dave Isaacs, Lynn Lambeth, Roy Lambeth, Tony Oliver, Glyn Edmunds, Aldershot & Farnham, Alton, Andover Split Image, Basingstoke, Bournemouth Electric &BPS, Beaulieu, Bracknell, Chichester, Disabled Photographers, Dorset Light, Fareham & Portchester, Farnborough, Gosport, Haslemere, Highcliffe & Infinity, Horndean, Locksheath & Sarisbury, New Forest, Newbury, Ordnance Survey, Overton, Practical, Petersfield, Poole, Salisbury, Steyning, Viewfinders of Romsey, Wareham, Wimborne,Winchester, Wokingham & E Berks, Woolston, Yateley



Leo Rich, Ken Scott, Peter Rocchiccioli, Niton & District, George Marsh


MINUTES OF MEETING NO 199, 15 February 2015

Winchester PS noted that they had been in attendance at the February meeting but not shown as such on the minutes. The Minutes of the above meeting were accepted and signed by John Hodge as a true record. Proposed by Janet Barton, seconded by David Barton.



No matters arising.

4 4.1


John had come to the end of his 2 years as president and gave a full report which is attached to the minutes. (append 1)
John said many thanks you’s to various people for the work they had undertaken, particularly to Council for their support. He gave special thanks to both Glyn Edmunds and Lynn Lambeth who were standing down from Council. Lynn has served Council for approximately 11 years and John presented a bouquet of flowers in appreciation for all the work she had undertaken.

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Graeme reported we have had another busy year with hosting the PAGB Awards adjudication and the SCPF Exhibition at Salisbury. The SCPF exhibition was again a considerable success both financially and in terms of publicity and public profile. Income generated from such events is important in keeping the Club’s subscriptions costs down.
The collection of monies for the PAGB PL insurance is likely to change at the end of this year. This is necessary for financial regulations. For Federations to continue to collect the money from clubs they would need to open a Client Money Account or Trust Fund; this is not easy to set up and is another account for the Federation Treasurers to deal with. Another option is that clubs deal direct with Darwin Clayton. This would be Graeme’s preferred method, although this may still present some difficulties. There were concerns raised by several reps present regarding passing on of clubs details; how to keep track of clubs with PLI, how would this be monitored. Graeme stated that this would be down to clubs to ensure they let him have a copy of their policy and reminded clubs that it is necessary to hold a current PL insurance otherwise they may find judges and lecturers may not want to visit and club committees could be personally liable in the event of any potential claim. Graeme asked for feedback on this from Club Treasurers.
Audited accounts were presented, with a small excess of income over expenditure due to increased subscriptions from new clubs joining the federation, the success of the Anniversary book and general cost control. Therefore there will be no increase in Club Subscriptions this year. (Accounts attached Append 2)
Acceptance of these accounts were proposed by Glyn Edmunds and seconded by Dave Barton.
Glyn Edmunds gave a vote of thanks to Graeme for all his hard work as treasurer.

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6.1.2 6.2


At the PAGB AGM it was agreed there would be no increase in subscriptions this year, they will remain at £34.75 per club.
Each Federation is invited to give a report on the highlights of the year. Lynn attended and presented for the SCPF, talking about the successes of the Anniversary Book, the Judging Workshop and the APM Advisory Day.

Leo Rich has now completed his two years as the PAGB President and was thanked by Roy Thomas, the incoming President, for all his hard work during his Presidency, I’m sure we would all like to add our thanks to Leo for all his hard work not only as the PAGB President but also promoting the SCPF during


6.4 6.5

6.5.1 6.6

his time in office.
Inter-Club Championships 2015 – the PDI Championship will be held at Warwick University on the 11th July, tickets are £5 each. The Print Championships will be held this year at the University Church of England Academy, Ellesmere Port on 25th October, tickets are £10 each. These tickets are restricted to a limited number. Please also note this is a change of venue.
A reminder to go to the PAGB website for the most up to date information on event dates etc.
FIAP Awards – anyone going for FIAP awards need to keep up with the latest requirements as they are in a state of change with several new rules applying to the 2016 applications.
The PAGB has increased the MFIAP application to £110.
PAGB Advisory Documents regarding; Health and Safety; Data Protection and Child Protection including Vulnerable Adults. These can be found on the SCPF and the PAGB website. It is always best to go direct to PAGB website for the most up to date information.

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Ken reported it has been another successful and progressive year in the Judging Community within the SCPF. For full details read the attached report (append 3).
John read the full report to those present; a question was raised on the feedback form hoping it would be a 2 way process. It was confirmed that it would be 2 way, judges can feedback on clubs as well as clubs feedback on judges.

John gave a vote of thanks to all judges within the federation, thanking them for their commitment and the time they dedicate to this. It is much appreciated by all the Clubs.

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8.2.1 8.3 8.4



Dave reported that everything had worked well on this season’s league. He gave an outline of today’s Finals Day, saying it had been a fantastic year with incredible images and thanked all clubs for taking part.
It was noted that this year’s results are not on the web, Dave explained there had been a problem but this is now resolved and the results would be posted on web this week.

2015/2016 League – due to more clubs joining the federation and participating in the league there would be 8 clubs per division. There were some concerns about how we would deal with ever increasing numbers in the league as the changes for this coming season had been quite considerable. It was explained that any additional clubs joining the league would now mean adding another division and perhaps just changing numbers within the last 2 divisions.

The league tables are on the website and Dave urged all clubs to send in the dates and names of the judges booked as soon as possible when known. These will then be added to the website, this makes it easier for other clubs within each division to book judges.
A decision had been made by Council that they would like all clubs to host a round unless there was a very good reason (such as the difficulties for the Channel Islands). It was agreed to implement this for the 2016/17 season.
Point Scoring/Allocation – this had been raised at a previous Club Reps meeting and has subsequently been discussed in Council. Agreement reached that in future we would use the count back system for any places that have a tie. Explained in detail this meant, first you would count the number of 10’s each club received and the one with the largest number would be given the higher placing; moving on to 9.5, then 9’s as and when necessary. This would resolve the problem of any 2 clubs being allocated the same number of points.
‘B’ Teams in League – a paper had been circulated prior to the meeting and a general discussion took part on the viability of this, after which it was decided to drop this idea as there was no real enthusiasm for introducing it.

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9.1.1 9.2


Roll of Honour – George Walsh
Since the February meeting 2 rolls of honour had been presented by John Hodge to Mrs Anne Streeter formerly of Alton CC and to Mr Gordon Gentles of Havant CC.
George urged everyone to look around their own club as there is more than likely someone in the background that works hard for the club and would be worthy of this honour. Forms can be found on the website.
Exhibition 2016 – George Walsh
George firstly gave thanks to Ray Acland of Chichester CC for stepping forward to take over from Geoff Kelland who for many years was a great help to this Exhibition. This help has been very much appreciated by Council.
So far only 4 entries for 2016 have been received, although the closing date is not until 31st August; do not leave until the last minute to enter, especially as the print entries are a limited number.





9.4.1 9.5


The forms are on the website; entry form; rules and regulations; and print plan. This last document is very important as it allows the club to choose how their prints will be displayed, it is also a great help to those people putting up and planning the exhibition space.
PAGB Competition Officer Report – Tony Oliver

2014 Inter-Fed Competition – the SCPF came in the following positions; Open prints 11th out of 15
Mono Prints 14th out of 15
Open PDI 6th out of 15

Nature PDI 7th out of 14
The number the SCPF entered in each section was 21 images and from this we had 15 acceptances with 3 PAGB ribbons being awarded to: Colin McIlroy (New Forest); Damian Morris (Overton); Ann McDondald (Chichester). The overall winning image in the Open prints was awarded to Jim Pascoe (Highcliffe & Infinity).
Tony thanked all clubs and individuals who submitted work for selection and congratulated those who had work accepted and those who won awards. The fairly strong position in the PDI’s is a reflection of the significant bank of work to select from (SCPF Leagues and Championships). The lower position in the prints is not a reflection on the quality of work but is more the fact that we do not have the same significant numbers of prints to choose from.
Handbook Secretary – Eric Bennett
Eric asked that all clubs let him know of changes that happen with their secretaries and competition secretaries as soon as possible so the directory can be kept up to date. There are still changes that do not get passed through.
Anyone wanting the password to the directory must follow the procedure of emailing Eric for this. Publicity
John gave a vote of thanks to Peter Rocchiccioli for the marvelous job he has done on publicity and the amount he has raised through sponsorship. Peter however was looking for someone to take this role over now and would like to work alongside someone this year. Peter would be taking over the role of Vice President. Anyone interested in this to contact Peter or one of the Council members.
Lynn thanked Sue Teagle for coming forward to take on the role of secretary and said she had enjoyed her years on the Council and the different roles she had undertaken. Lynn said she would miss the involvement but had other interests she also wanted to pursue. Lynn also said she would still be coming to Club Reps to do the refreshments.

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10.3 10.3.1


The following people were all elected into the nominated positions:
President – Tony Oliver; proposed by John Hodge; seconded by Lynn Lambeth
Vice President – Peter Rocchiccioli; proposed by John Hodge; seconded by Tony Oliver
Treasurer – Graeme Sleeman; proposed by Dave Isaacs; seconded by Lynn Lambeth
Secretary – Sue Teagle; proposed by John Hodge; seconded by Tony Oliver
PAGB Exec – Roy Lambeth; proposed by John Hodge; seconded by Graeme Sleeman
Judging Advisor – Ken Scott; proposed by Eric Bennett; seconded by Graeme Sleeman
Handbook Secretary – Eric Bennett; proposed by Graeme Sleeman; seconded by Lynn Lambeth
Roll of Honour and Exhibition Secretary – George Walsh; proposed by Lynn Lambeth; seconded by Roy Lambeth
League Competition Secretary – Dave Isaacs; proposed by Lynn Lambeth; seconded by John Hodge PAGB Awards Officer – Leo Rich; proposed by John Hodge; seconded by Sue Teagle.
Webmaster – John said that this position would be held by Jason Hyde as a non council member but Ken Scott would still have the overall responsibility.
John handed the meeting over to Tony Oliver, also congratulating him on achieving his ARPS.
Tony thanked everyone for voting him into the position of President and said it was a privilege to be in this position. Tony thanked John for the outstanding work he had done during his term of office, he also thanked Lynn and Glyn for their work over the years.
Tony finished by saying the AGM and Club Reps meetings were necessary but photography is supposed to be fun and we must hold onto that thought.

11 11.1



Chris Keene (Hungerford) raised a question about the suitability of one of their members for Roll of Honour, George advised him to complete the nomination and Council would take up the references before making a decision.
The September Club Reps meeting had been reintroduced and would be a social event. The date is Tuesday 8th September 2015. Further details will be sent nearer the time.

Badges will also be introduced for club reps as it will be easier to identify the clubs in attendance. A reminder that club reps do need to sign the roll call form to ensure they are recorded as present and as a safety measure in case of a fire.

Meeting closed at 10.50am

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome concerning content of Representatives’ Meetings – please contact SCPF Secretary :

Future meetings dates:; Tuesday 8th September; Tuesday 10th November – all at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall

No 200 Minutes 10 May 2015