Minutes of No 201 SCPF Club Representatives’ Meeting/AGM
8th September 2015 at Littleton Memorial Hall, Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QL


Tony Oliver (President), Eric Bennett, John Hodge, Peter Rocchiccioli, George Walsh, , Aldershot & Farnham, Alton, Basingstoke, Beaulieu, Bournemouth Electric &BPS, Bracknell, Burghfield CC, Chichester, Farnborough, Fordingbridge CC, Highcliffe & Infinity, Locksheath & Sarisbury CC, New Forest, Newbury, Overton PC, Practical CC, Poole, Reading CC, Salisbury CC, Southampton CC, Viewfinders of Romsey CC, Wimborne CC, Wokingham & E Berks CC, Woolston CC, Yateley CC



Dave Isaacs, Lynn & Roy Lambeth, Ken Scott, Graeme Sleeman (Treasurer), Leo Rich, Beaulieu CC, Bognor Regis CC, Dorset Light, Fareham & Portchester CC, Gosport CC, Hungerford CC, Niton & District, Ordnance Survey PS, Steyning CC, Thatcham PC, Wareham CC, Winchester PS,


MINUTES OF MEETING NO 200, 10th May 2015

The Minutes of the above meeting were accepted and signed by Tony Oliver as a true record. Proposed by the Bracknell rep, seconded by John Hodge.



Lymington CC had attended, but had not recorded such on the Roll Call.
8.1 The League results from 2014-15 were not yet on the website, but Bill Flood can send results if any club wants them. It was suggested that a link between Dave Isaacs and Jason Hyde was needed.

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Tony thanked John Hodge for being able to write a few words in the Newsletter as he wanted to keep this line of communication with clubs and photographer open.
Tony explained how important it was for the September Reps’ Meeting to be one of a social nature to allow interaction between clubs and Council members.
In the light of the significant increase in clubs requesting the SCPF Secretary to circulate club events through the region, Tony asked that clubs create their own distribution lists and circulate their own material. He did stress that exhibitions and events would be publicized on the website as a general notice. The Secretary will send a list of club secretaries’ emails to all clubs, even though these are readily available in the Handbook on the website.
Tony reminded the meeting of the continued vacancy on the Council as PAGB Competition Rep, a post he had held prior to becoming President. He appealed for anyone present willing to take on that role to approach him, or any other Council member, that evening. He stressed that it was a good way to become involved, and that the workload was not onerous.
There were no questions raised.

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In his absence, his brief report was read out. Graeme reported that the only item for consideration was the state of play with club subscriptions.
Despite sending out a subscription notice to all clubs in July, and a further reminder, there is still a trickle of subs coming in after the deadline.
He listed the following clubs as having subs outstanding:
Blandford Forum CC
Disabled PS
Highcliffe & Infinity CC
Isle of Wight
Locksheath & Sarisbury CC
Lymington CC
Solent CC
Thatcham PC
Wight Balance Photography Plus
Woolston CC
Graeme said he would be grateful if attention could be drawn to this matter with any of the Reps from the above clubs.



The Rep from Lymington responded by saying they had not had the form or the reminder.



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In Roy’s absence, his report was read out.
The PAGB organized the FIAP 26th Colour Print Biennial Competition and Exhibition, co-hosted by the Scottish and Welsh Federations.
The Selectors were Herbert Gmeiner (FIAP), Rod Wheelans (Scotland), and Bpb Moore (England).
The World Cup was awarded to Argentina, with just one point between them and Great Britain. Great Britain took Gold Medal, with Scotland gaining Bronze.
The Exhibition was officially opened at Smethwick Club House, Saturday 5th September, by FIAP President Riccardo Busi.
He complimented Great Britain on their contributions to FIAP, and in particular to Dave Coates, the FIAP organiser in the UK, who made the exhibition so successful. Riccardo Busi was very impressed by the catalogues, saying they were the best he had ever seen at a FIAP Biennial.
Roy was pleased to see two SCPF officers, John Hodge and Sue Teagle, at the Exhibition opening. He urged others to see it this year as some of the best international work was on show.
Roy had a few catalogues for Reps to take away, just one per club.
The Exhibition dates and venues: The PAGB – West Midlands 5th-18th September; Welsh Photographic Federation – 5th -30th October, Newport; Scottish Federation – 7th-22nd November, Dumfries.

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In Leo’s absence, his report was read out, mainly from the August Update.
August Adjudication – Ormskirk, hosted by sRGB Group: a successful event, but poor attendance on the Saturday, better on the Sunday. Leo urged all entrants to attend where possible to see the standards in operation. Observers were also welcomed.
November Adjudication – Neath (Port Talbot)
Entry packs issued 11th August, but 15% of entrants have failed to acknowledge receipt of their packs. Entrant withdrawls arriving frequently; they forfeit £25.00 admin fee; the whole fee after 28th August. April 2015 Adjudication – Gateshead
Take up slow, but pace expected to increase from September. Plenty of spaces at all levels.
May 2016 Adjudication in Audio Visual
A two –day event is planned and spaces are still available. Since an opportunity to achieve a Distinction or an Award in AV is rare, club reps are urged to publicise this to their members.

8 8.1


In his absence his update was read out
He has been severely delayed on progressing anything to do with Judges’ feedback, but that he will commence it in the next fortnight with clubs, via the SCPF Secretary if he can. Also he had circulated to council his summary of our judging process as sent to PAGB for the seminar on 24th October.


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In his absence, Dave’s report was read out.
He welcomed the reps to a new season.
He assured those clubs who may be new to SCPF, that there was plenty of friendly advice available, and he was only a phone call away.
The new League tables are now ready, with most clubs having already submitted dated and judges. The upload system on the website is live, with the PDI system the same as last year. The Key Codes have gone out to participating clubs using the Club Competition Secretary’s information from last year. If details have changed, he will need to know as the PDI disc and print labels will be sent out shortly. There is a new upload system for print titles and photographers’ names. Clubs will need to use the key Codes supplied for this. In addition, a PDI (1400 x 1050) of each print will need to be uploaded to help sort out the images for Finals Day, PAGB competitions etc.
Give Dave a call to help to upload images, if needed, after 24th September.
He thanked John Wigley of Petersfield PS for his help in getting the print upload system tested; he was the first person to use both systems.
Keith Polwin, Basingstoke, raised a question as to why a PDI was needed for prints. Tony Oliver explained about holding on to an image for reference purposes for other competitions. John Hodge added about their usefulness when checking for duplication.


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Handbook Secretary – Eric Bennett
A notice to all clubs had been sent out saying that print boxes should be ready for collection at the November Reps’ meeting.
All web directories had been updated at the beginning of the month.
Emails had been sent to clubs to verify their contact details.
New PAGB Handbooks were available – same cover, the only difference being the date. These were most useful for the club’s Programme Secretary. Judges and lecturers get one copy.
A question was raised as to the password for the directory on the website. Eric replied that the existing password was valid until about February.
Roll of Honour – George Walsh
George reported that there had only been one nomination.
Exhibition 2016 – George Walsh
The Salisbury Exhibition had closed on 31st August for entries.
Exhibition Secretary – Ray Acland
Deadline for PDIs and Print titles 19th October. Details of entries to go to Ray, but PDIs to be sent to Eric.
Ray had circulated a note of when he would be on holiday.
Ray handed out envelopes for club entries.
Publicity Secretary – Philip Acland
Philip had said that all was going well and that he had nothing further to report
Peter requested that the November Reps’ meeting start at 7.30 to allow for the featured Tamron display and talk.
There were only five copies of the SCPF 50th Anniversary Book left to sell, at the reduced price of £10.00.

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There were Certificates from the PAGB Exhibition Acceptances to give out.
It was also recorded that there were Ribbons to award to Jason Hyde, Overton PC, and John Massey Wokingham & East Berkshire CC.

The meeting closed, and the Social Time with cheese & wine, and a quiz followed.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome concerning content of Representatives’ Meetings – please contact SCPF Secretary :

Future meetings dates: Tuesday 10th November, Thursday 18th February – all at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall





No 201 Reps’ Meeting Minutes 8th September 2015 final