I’m currently working on getting the uploader sorted for the Exhibition. Due to personal circumstances, this is going to take a few days longer than expected. I’m aiming to get this done asap, but it will be towards the end of the week.

I’ve now completed the code modifications and updated the Exhibition uploader. You can find it under the Exhibition menu on the main navigation bar.
Don’t panic, there will be plenty of time to get those files in. Last year we did it in a few weeks ;-)

As league entries are now in (on time), it will be possible to use the same keycodes for the exhibition uploader. This will allow me to get things up and running quicker.

Please remember to re-register the keycode for the Exhibition. Although the keycodes are the same, the databases and contacts may be different. As such, the keycode will need to be re-linked for this upload session.

Updated: Because of the need to get the Exhibition uploader working quickly, and those personal circumstances I mentioned, I’ve re-coded the league forms, such that the use of the league keycodes will now work for the exhibition. Don’t worry, things are segregated from the league, so there will be no issues using the same key code this year. If we continue to go smoothly, I’m considering this for next year also. I’m pleased to see league entries completed on time, so … let’s try using the same keycode :-)

The registration form has now been removed.

Updated: The rota for stewarding will also be updated and ready shortly after the uploader is available from the main menu.

More info in this post as it arrives.